As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of slowing down, it’s essential to keep our guard up. With a more infectious variant of the disease spreading in Ontario and reports that the vaccine will take longer to reach our shores, the future is unpredictable. 

Various clients of R Courier benefit from our fast, efficient, safe, and convenient medical parcel delivery services. Our large fleet of trucks can carry parcels big or small. Meanwhile, our highly trained and well-equipped couriers take every precaution to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Large Hospitals

We serve many large health care facilities, including Public Health Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital, and numerous renowned health organizations in Scarborough. Our licensed and professional team can transport anything from COVID-19 tests to radioactive samples to personal protective gear!

Small Clinics

It’s not just the big hospitals that need medical courier services. Across the country, small clinics need to keep up with supply, especially because they have fewer resources and less storage capacity than huge health care organizations. 


Let’s not forget that countless businesses that provide essential services to Canadians need protective gear to continue their operations. With fast, safe, and reliable medical delivery options, they can keep their staff safe and secure.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is hazardous for anyone with weakened or compromised immune systems, such as seniors or people with health issues. Such people benefit from the safety of R Courier’s services. They can receive essential medical parcels and meet their urgent delivery needs without risking their health. 

Remember, our couriers use sophisticated mobile signature technology to ensure a perfectly secure and safe drop off.

Robust Platform

At R Courier, we offer a robust platform to all our clients in order to ensure safety and convenience. For example, you can easily place orders on our website with the following easy steps:

  • Click the Place Online Order button at the top of the website.
  • Enter your access information to log into your account. Have your account number, Web ID, and password handy.
  • If you don’t have an account, click the Register button to register your company.
  • To register electronically, enter your company name, address, email, phone number, a couple of references, and payment and billing preferences.
  • On the Order Entry Page, enter the address. You can enter a local or international address because we serve national and international clients.
  • Share details of your packages. We have everything you need, including bags, parcels, coolers, boxes, and envelopes.
  • Enter the shipment volume.
  • After you hit continue, you’ll see an automatically generated confirmation number. Keep this number handy as a reference.
  • You can call us for more information if you need any help. Our sales, pricing and account manager is reachable at 416-633-0050. Their fax number is 416-633-7764. To send an email, use

After you’ve placed your order, you can quickly get more information on our real-time tracking channels. Our state-of-the-art ETA Board is a first in Canada. It gives you a wealth of control and information from the convenience of your office or home. 

  1. Use the ETA Board Login button located at the top of our webpage
  2. Use your account number, Web ID, and password to enter to log into your account
  3. If you don’t have an account, click the Register button to register your company
  4. To register electronically, fill out the form or print a copy of the Fax Registration Form, and send it to R Courier at 416.633.7764. For further help, please call our Account Manager at 416.633.8183

Our goal is to deliver your package as quickly as possible. However, in the unlikely event that we must revise a pickup or delivery time, we want you to stay informed – our ETA board updates every few minutes in order to help you adapt to an evolving schedule.

Whether you’re a part of a small or a large organization, you can take advantage of our cutting-edge medical delivery services to securely receive your packages in these unprecedented times.