The world has been turned upside-down by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time, medical supply delivery is extremely important. Time is of the essence. Not a moment can be wasted.

Why Is It Important?


Influx of Patients

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting hospitals and medical facilities around the world, including the ones in the Greater Toronto Area. They’re dealing with a sudden influx of patients and are preparing for the facilities to become overcrowded. They are predicting overcrowding because of the pandemic’s effects around the world.

Italy is one of the countries that has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus spread. The country quickly suffered from hospital bed shortages that forced staff to move their patients into operating rooms and corridors. They have had thousands of confirmed cases and an extremely high fatality rate. They even surpassed the fatality rate in China, where the virus was first discovered.


Supply Shortages

Right now, hospitals need as much help as they can get. Doctors and nurses are desperately seeking personal protective equipment (PPE) like single-use N95 masks and surgical gowns to keep them from getting infected while they offer around the clock treatment.

They also need supplies like ventilators. Patients with COVID-19 can have severe symptoms like faint breathing and pneumonia. Without a large stock of this life-saving equipment, facilities will be overrun with patients with respiratory troubles and struggle to treat everyone safely and effectively.


Patient Testing

Another trouble that medical facilities in the GTA are dealing with is a demand in COVID-19 tests. Currently, Telehealth Ontario is encouraging citizens that don’t have the main symptoms or that haven’t had direct contact with an infected patient to avoid the test, telling them to self-isolate and monitor symptoms instead. Even with this precaution, lots of citizens are getting tested. These tests need to be run immediately so that patients can learn their results and figure out what their next steps should be.


Fast Medical Delivery:

In this pandemic, medical delivery services are essential. They’re needed to bring protective supplies and vital equipment to testing facilities, hospitals, doctor’s offices and more. They’re needed to bring test samples and guarantee that patients get their results fast. And they’re needed to transport other medical essentials not related to COVID-19 so that other patients don’t suffer without any medication, exam results or treatment.

If you’re looking for time sensitive medical courier in the midst of this pandemic, we can help you. We are already working on the frontlines of this crisis and transporting essentials to facilities across Toronto. For instance, we transported COVID-19 samples for Public Health at 661 University. We also transported samples from all hospitals to Public Health.

We know that facilities will be running at full-force at all hours in the upcoming weeks, and we are ready to meet these demands. We operate 24 hours a day. We offer priority local delivery so that you can get your essentials picked up and delivered swiftly. There should be no long wait-times during a medical crisis like this.

You can get in touch to start today and get the right delivery service for these stressful circumstances. We can answer any questions and concerns that you have.

Medical professionals can’t wait for supplies. People can’t wait for weeks to get results. The entire health system is depending on quick reaction times so that infected patients can be handled, and the country can flatten the curve of infection. Fast delivery can make these goals easier to achieve.