It isn’t rocket science: the need for increased attention to a delivery increases in proportion to the item’s importance. That’s the entire reason that fragile stickers and insurance options exist for regular packages. When it comes to shipping goods as important as medical supplies, however, you’re getting into an entirely new league of care.

1)     Medical Courier Specialists

If you’re transporting medical goods, it is essential that you work with a company that understands the need for convenience and safety and will be ready for any contingency. Here at R Courier, all of your medical supplies will be handled by our employees that have acquired Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification. They can even handle Class 7 radioactive goods.

At R Courier, you can rest assured that we can handle specialized requirements for medical shipping, given that Public Health Toronto trusts the vital task of delivering Covid-19 test samples to our team of couriers. The requirement of such certifications in the transport of vaccines and test samples means that specialized medical couriers contribute directly to the fight against COVID-19 wherever vaccines are required.

2)     Better Package Tracking

If you’re sending your uncle the electric razor he left at your place last Christmas, you might not have much need to know the exact status of your order. If you’re awaiting an organ replacement or a blood sample, the timing could be a factor in life or death.

Here at R Courier, we don’t just offer an advanced tracking method; we offer several lines of defence in ensuring our shipments arrive on schedule. These features include:

  • GPS Enabled Trucks
  • Fully Maintained Fleet of Vehicles
  • Computerized Tracking System
  • Dedicated Service Vehicle
  • Professional Drivers

Because R Courier is the first in Canada to offer an ETA Board, you can also track your medical shipment online; this puts the ability to check the exact status of your shipment at any time, night or day, directly in your hands.

3)     Opting for Contact-free Deliveries

While one of the leading concerns at the height of the recent pandemic was to limit the potential spreading of the virus, the regulations in place taught us all a little more about general medical safety. When it comes to medical courier services, there are plenty of occasions when a contact-free delivery is desirable, and that’s an option you can always find here at R Courier.

4)     Security Transportation

It’s easy to understand why medical shipments require high levels of security. These might include personal medical history, expensive equipment or prescription drugs that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. In the case of a shipment on its way to a hospital to help someone who is sick, losing track of an item isn’t an option.

That’s why it is so essential to work with a company that uses regularly maintained and monitored vehicles, so that you can know your shipment will be safe.

5)     Advanced Customer Service

When you’re shipping medical supplies or equipment that requires specialized care, you don’t want to run into a situation where you can’t get in touch with the company. Here at R Courier, you will never get a computerized answering service or an endless busy signal. We ensure that you can reach us in case any contingency comes up. It is that simple.

The most important shipments require a courier that knows how to handle those particular items. Get in touch with R Courier today to learn more about how we can help you with medical shipments.