When it comes to using couriers, a number of medical facilities are reliant on them in order to operate effectively to treat their patients. Laboratories, physicians, diagnostic imaging centres, and healthcare agencies across Canada all use couriers to help them get sensitive medical documents, pharmaceuticals, and lab work, from one place to another.

For instance, if a medical facility doesn’t have the ability to process blood work, then it would hire a courier to transfer blood samples to a diagnostic lab for testing. Transporting blood work isn’t just something that anyone can do – there are precautions that need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the driver, as well as the integrity of the sample. Transporters need to consider temperature, the unique preservation needs of the item, what container will be used, as well as time limitations.

Safe-handling procedures and safety requirements and regulations also need to be considered. These regulations are not only put in place to ensure the integrity of samples but also for the safety of handlers, couriers, and any potential bystanders that could be potentially exposed to biohazards.

R Courier is Fully Trained and Licensed

Call us to learn more about how our drivers are fully trained to handle medical samples, documentation, and pharmaceuticals, etc., in order to ensure safe and effective delivery for all of our clients who work in the medical field. You can rest easy by using R Courier for your medical courier needs. We have a number of clients who have relied on us for years to safely and professionally handle their deliveries, and are always finding ways to improve our service.

That’s why we use technology to our advantage, installing GPS trackers onto our delivery vehicles to give our customers a way to relax with Worry-Free trackable delivery – which they can access via our website. By registering on our website, clients can login using our ETA Monitor Board and see the details of their order as well as receive minute-by-minute updates on the status of our delivery vehicles.

This kind of transparency is great for clients of the medical community as a number of items that get transported are critical to the lives of patients, so timely delivery is incredibly important. Being able to easily see where a delivery is gives our clients peace of mind about the safe and timely handling of the sensitive materials that they entrusted to us.

We are also a medical courier with mobile signature capture technology, allowing us to capture a digital signature and make it available to view by our clients via our ETA Monitor Board. That way clients can rest assured that the right person signed for the product and that it was safely delivered.

Fast, Prompt, and Reliable Service

R Courier has become a leader in medical courier services, providing reliable service across Canada with a number of big-name clients. We are customer-driven and are always interested in improving our customer experience for our clients. We’ve established an effective communication system that offers transparency to our clients and ensures that they are never left with unanswered questions.

If you give R Courier a call you’ll never talk to a machine, instead, a person will be there to talk with you and take the time to understand your unique needs. This combined with our ETA Monitor Board means we can be 100% transparent with our customers and make them feel like they are heard and appreciated.

So if you are a medical facility in need of a medical courier then don’t hesitate – contact us today so that we can provide you with exceptional service that you can safely rely on.