Hospitals and other medical hubs are often depicted in television programs as environments that are simultaneously dramatic and glamourous, full of attractive individuals getting themselves into heated situations. These representations make it seem like healthcare workers and medical programs exist in a vacuum where everyday tasks like intake are not central to the maintenance of the institution. In reality, hospitals are wholly reliant on logistics protocols, rather than the biddings of a few elite doctors.

While dramatic renditions of a surgery fail to represent the preparation needed for a given procedure – such as sterilization – in real life, it takes hours of paperwork and courier deliveries just to get the specific supplies needed. The work of doctors only accounts for a fraction of the labour undertaken to maintain an atmosphere that can efficiently care for ailing patients. Much of the work, then, is administrative, such as the tallying of supplies and the filling out of order sheets when the time comes to replenish them. Couriers account for a great deal of the workforce needed to keep a hospital running at a normal rate. The following, then, will outline some of the ways that a team of seasoned medical couriers is, in a sense, the backbone of healthcare in general.

  1. Hospitals Demand Reliability And Regularity

Because it’s so necessary to keep a constant eye on the availability of medical supplies – which can, in an instant, disappear– medical centres with high rates of patient activity must always keep a reasonable rapport with the couriering companies they seek to employ. In this way, R Courier delivery services are exemplary, given our dedication to consistency and customer satisfaction – for a quarter of a century, we have worked with medical professionals of all kinds, building sustained relationships with large and small practices across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.


  1. Hospitals Need Low-Risk Business Associates

Standard postage is an unreliable mode of transporting goods from one place to another. On the one hand, postal services have little to no reward, save for the possibility that your package just might arrive in-tact and in a timely manner. On the other hand, with specialized medical couriering companies like R Courier, you have the benefit of using state of the art tracking technology to help ensure the timeliness of your deliveries. Whether you are shipping or receiving an item or series of items, you’ll have access to a number of features that would be otherwise unavailable to postal service workers.

Because R Courier is fully equipped to handle perishable items and delicate, biological specimens, we have an array of medical-grade equipment at our disposal. By logging in to our ETA Board (which any and all customers are able to access through our website), you can see just how your package is being handled – i.e. if it is comfortably sitting in one of our trucks replete with a cooling system and other necessary gadgets. Our tracking technology offers an exclusive, if not entirely unprecedented, sense of intimacy and availability – you can, at any given moment find the details you’ll need to plan your hectic hospital schedule according to the estimated time of arrival.

Any changes you need to make to this itinerary can, of course, be carried out with a few clicks on our ETA Board. The information available to you is expansive; by logging in, you can learn about not only the package itself, but the vehicle number, the driver’s name, the routes they have taken in the past, and finally, a predictive route which you can expect them to take in the future. In short, administrative finesse calls for a company like R Courier, whether you are in need of equipment like syringes or hospital beds, or a life-altering organ for the purposes of transplantation.

With all these advantages in mind, you can and should place your order online with our accessible user interfaces; in no time at all, you’ll be wondering how your medical practice got by without our services by your side in the first place!