While one may find the analogic a bit suspect, both medical practices and courier delivery services are very much akin, inasmuch as they are both organic entities that require a large team of experts to function as the appendages which keep them running smoothly and quickly; packages need to be delivered as quickly as patients need to understand their ailments, receive a thorough diagnosis, and eventually track the progress of their health and treatment.

With these, albeit metaphorical, similarities in mind, you can be sure that the team behind R Courier delivery services prioritizes the best possible service – as medical couriers, we’ve been inspired by the fast-paced rhythms of our MD clients and, as such, we attempt to emulate that life-or-death urgency in the field of parcel delivery. With our experience in the fast lane, we’ve learned a few things about keeping an office or working environment tension-free and productive, despite high volumes of clientele. While there are many reasons as to why a medical practice may find itself so consistently busy, there are also ways to maintain a sense of calm despite an ever-looming sense of stress that is too prevalent in healthcare settings.

  1. Delegate Tasks To The Appropriate Staff

If you are the overseer of the practice, be sure to delegate tasks according to the work needed to be done immediately, keeping in mind that assistants are there to help with precisely these kinds of issues. For example, doctors ought to be fulfilling their sanctioned tasks as healthcare professionals, rather than deliberating upon what needs to be stocked up, repaired, or urgently delivered; practice overseers ought be doing the data entry and logistics necessary to keep the entire establishment afloat, such as keeping in touch with the most reliable local delivery services and keeping stock of materials, while doctors and assistants are accountable for the duties for which they were extensively trained. 

  1. Keep Your Space Organized And Consistently Stocked

It’s no secret that a boost in productivity could constitute a means of cutting costs; rather than having a stock of medical materials that needs immediate, expedited replenishment through the use of urgent same-day (or even same-hour) delivery services, if possible, try and keep a tab on any and all equipment or biological items that can be planned for ahead of time. In this sense, it is useful to make use of the same courier service on a regular basis, one who can help keep track of these particular deliveries and thereby make a scheduled delivery program that caters to your practice’s unique needs. Not only will your staff be content, you’ll save a great deal of money while relishing in the standards R Courier delivery services can guarantee, which is the fast and efficient transportation of your parcel, no matter the amount of notice you’ve given us.

  1. Communication Is Key

Indeed, each and every employee ought to be kept in the know, but it should also be made clear that there are multiple forms of communication and that sometimes a spoken-word order will not suffice, particularly when tensions are high and the volume of clients in a given day is stress-inducing; in contexts like this, it is best to make use of a pen and paper to instruct practitioners and assistants. For example, rather than verbally communicating to your medical assistant what you need, one could just as easily (and far more effectively) employ a route slip on which to record instructions or requests. Additionally, checking a box or circling a given option can easily optimize office efficiency; doing this creates a receipt for each and every communication made between employers and employees, so you’ll never have to question yourself when someone claims to have missed a set of instructions. This is precisely why R Courier documents the logistics of just about every inch of movement that we subject our parcels to – with consistently-maintained receipts, we know where a package has been, where it is going, and when it needs to get there.


Organization, communication, and accountability indeed, constitute the glue that holds any working environment together; since the very beginning of R Courier over 25 years ago, we have attempted to act on that knowledge as much as possible. As a result, we know just what it takes to get the job done, and then some, so contact us today for a free estimate!