Medical deliveries require more sensitive and secure care than most transportation services; they can also necessitate reaching a destination as fast as possible. That’s because when specialty medical goods and equipment get to their destination, they can help a sick patient to recover or expedite medical research.

In light of the importance of medical deliveries, as well as the sensitivity required in their transport, here is a list of some of the items most frequently sent via medical couriers:

1) COVID-19 Test Samples

R Courier has been leading the way in delivering COVID-19 test samples across the city of Toronto throughout the pandemic. In fact, we are the only courier Public Health Toronto has entrusted to fulfill the needs of this task. Given this level of importance, it is clear that when you need medical delivery services you can count on in the city of Toronto, our team can help.

2) Prescriptions and Other Medications

Sometimes medical delivery is straightforward, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary. When patients require prescriptions and cannot physically travel to pharmacies to secure them, they require a medical courier.

A hospital or clinic may also require a medical parcel delivery if the patient is receiving treatment in one of these locations and is unable to leave to acquire it. In this case, doctors might enlist a medical courier trained to handle packages containing medicine properly.

3) Dangerous Goods

While medical items are always shipped for the purpose of helping patients and medical professionals in one way or another, sometimes that involves transporting goods that are considered dangerous. For example, when lab samples have the potential to carry infectious diseases, couriers must prioritize safe delivery on account of the necessity to ensure harmful pathogens cannot spread.

At R Courier, our team of trained medical couriers are certified with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) qualification, so they know how to handle dangerous medical items safely. This accreditation, along with our history of success in this area, is one of the reasons why Public Health Toronto has trusted our team to transport COVID-19 test samples throughout the pandemic.

4) Radioactive Goods

Along with other dangerous medical items, our drivers at R Courier are also certified to transport Class 7 Radioactive Goods. This designation is critical when in scenarios where specialists in radiology require the delivery of nuclear medicine.

5) Medical Documents

Not all medical items sent for delivery contain dangerous substances, equipment or medicine. Frequently, R Courier is tasked with transporting medical documents because their security is of vital importance. The list of medical documents that R Courier can deliver for you includes items such as

  • Prescriptions
  • Patient Records
  • Medical History

Our team of drivers is qualified to handle all of the medical items listed here, but that is far from the limit of their capabilities. Since our courier team also completes training in safe driving and customer relations, you can be sure that your experience will be positive every step of the way.

If you or an organization you work for expect to require medical delivery services in the future, please get in touch with us at 1.800.823.5223 to learn more about how we can help.