Health care agencies of all stripes have unique requirements when it comes to parcels and delivery. They can’t rely on standard postal services or generic delivery companies to get sensitive medications, lab samples, or medical documents to their destinations on time and according to strict industry regulations.


That’s why hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, and even veterinary clinics rely on medical parcel couriers to deliver their sensitive packages quickly and safely. As Toronto’s favourite medical parcel courier, we know what health agencies need in a courier.


#1 Delivery When You Need It


Timing is everything when it comes to medical deliveries. Medical deliveries often have strict temperature requirements and need to arrive reliably within a few hours. Here’s how we can promise safe, fast delivery.


First, we provide several service types to match your sensitive timing, including:


  • Rush orders delivered within 3 to 4 hours of pickup,


  • Direct orders delivered within 1.5 to 2 hours,


  • Urgent orders that are delivered non-stop to their destination,


  • Overnight orders delivered next day with a later placement deadline of 4 p.m.


We also use a dispatcher and GPS tracking to find the best available courier for pick up and to identify that fastest, most efficient routes to meet the demanding schedule of rush, direct, and urgent orders.


#2 The Right Technology


Technology helps us manage our fleet, track deliveries, and stay completely transparent and accountable. Take a look at some of the technology we use to provide our clients with peace of mind:



  • Real time driver activity reports as well as driver performance, position, and route violation reports.


  • An ETA Board that allows you track all of your pick ups and view the history of your pick up and delivery times. If there any problems past or present, you can spot them right away.


  • Mobile signature capture has helped us move into paperless delivery, so that everything is available digitally and nothing gets lost.


#3 Reliability


The best laid plans are only as good as your plan B. That’s why we keep a fully equipped service vehicle on the road and ready to be dispatched anywhere in case one of our vehicles breaks down during service. We’re prepared to respond to breakdowns immediately so that we can keep your deliveries on schedule.


#4 TDG License (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)


R Courier is licensed to transport dangerous goods. There are occasions when health care agencies need to move substances classified as dangerous under Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations, such as infectious substances or radioactive materials.


#5 Professional Drivers


When you have couriers arriving at your workplace for pickup or delivery, you expect them to be professional – especially as a health agency that may have patients in waiting areas. Our drivers always conduct themselves professionally and politely, including always wearing appropriate attire.


#6 Experience in Healthcare


Finally, you need a courier that’s familiar with the regulations and expectations of the healthcare industry. When it comes to transporting materials like x-rays, medications, medical equipment, lab samples, surgical supplies, medical records, etc., you need a company and a driver that’s familiar with the rules.


Who Should Use Courier Services?


Health agencies aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from using fast, reliable courier services. Law firms, universities, tech start ups, and small businesses of all kinds have unique delivery needs such as confidential documents that need to arrive quickly. You should be sure to read this to find out if your business can benefit from using our courier services.


Don’t forget to look for these must-have qualities in any courier: delivery when you need it, state of the art technology, reliable service, professional drivers, experience in your industry, and any licenses required to operate under industry regulations. Make sure your sensitive parcels are in the right hands.