In an age when privacy has never been harder to maintain, and dependability is overpromised and underdelivered, our courier service stands out for its commitment to making time-sensitive deliveries in one of the busiest cities in the world expedient and stress-free.

As Toronto’s peace of mind medical courier, we strive to make personal connections and understand the details of your business. When you present us with a complex request, we will not shy away from the added pressure. Why? Because we know you’re dealing with it too. If someone’s life hinges on a parcel in our hands, it’s our duty as fellow human beings to follow through with the kindness and efficiency such a delicate matter deserves.

Over the years, we’ve built systems into our business to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. They are our way of taking every conceivable precaution to show you we’re listening and that we care.


Our technological capabilities keep us reachable and accountable regardless of the job. They also save time and afford us more working hours to improve our quality of service. Here’s what sets R Courier apart:

  • Our drivers are equipped with state-of-the-art radios to address your concerns as soon as their vehicles are safely parked to do so.


  • Thanks to our automated ordering system, we are able to aggregate data to predict busy traffic times and plan our routes accordingly. Our granular approach to logistics means we avoid mistakes but also learn from them with an eye on continual improvement.


  • Our online ETA Board is a quick and secure way to look up a previous payment or confirm your next delivery’s arrival time. We’ll also use it to inform you of any delays as soon as they happen. It matters to us to keep you in the know when contingencies arise.



Our vehicles’ real-time GPS tracking puts you in the driver’s seat from the first mile to the last. You can see exactly what’s happening and that’s how we like it. This gives us the privilege of running a team that focuses most of its efforts on how to please you better.

One of our guiding principles here at R Courier is the importance of expertise. Our customers work in specialized hi-tech fields, their instructions tend to reflect this, and we need to be at their level to contribute to their success.

  • Medical equipment is one example. It can be fragile, cumbersome, and extremely expensive. Every machine has a different checklist to run through and we consult it meticulously before hitting the road.


  • There are also medical samples and supplies, sometimes harmful to the touch, that must be handled with care. Thoroughness is the key and we practice it as a matter of course.


  • Confidential documents are another no less delicate illustration of our dedication to you. Whether it’s a legal form where your livelihood is at stake, or information that would put your privacy at risk, our drivers hold themselves to the rigorous standard that’s kept us in business for the past 28 years. Click here to learn more about the types of challenges we’ve built our name on. We’re ready and willing to help you see them through.


Customer Service

At R Courier, we work to have a positive impact on our community. It’s the purpose behind everything we do. This is why you can expect patience and compassion with every interaction on top of our reputation for reliability.

We believe in first impressions and our aim is to fill yours with professionalism of the highest order. As guests in your place of business, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

From day one, our recipe for success has been a simple one: harness technology and transparent business practices into a welcoming culture that makes our team and our customers happy. Feel free to get in touch and experience it for yourself. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.