A new poll has been conducted this year between June 26 and July 2 on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association titled, “The Future of Connected Health Care.” Its findings are interesting (but not surprising) as it seems like a majority of Canadians are ready to accept more technology into the Canadian healthcare system. What is surprising is that many of the people asked also said that they would be fine with trusting a private company (like Google or Apple) with their personal information if it meant being able to access healthcare services via an online portal like an app.

What this shows is that people are ready to embrace technology for more convenient healthcare-related services, like having 24-hour access to a doctor, the ability to book appointments online, and access to their personal health information all through a patient portal.

The Latest Technology

At R Courier, we offer expert medical parcel delivery services using the latest courier technologies like GPS tracking, an online customer portal, and mobile signature capture devices. This allows us to provide convenient and transparent services to our clients like those who work at hospitals, medical labs, healthcare facilities, and diagnostic imagining centres across Canada. By offering our clients fast and reliable courier services they are then able to better provide healthcare services to their patients.

It’s a relationship in which medical facilities across the nation rely on medical couriers to provide them with much-needed delivery services of specimens and samples that are essential to the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Click here to learn more about how medical couriers are an important part of the healthcare industry around the world.

Looking to the Future

Overall, the poll found that many of 2,005 respondents believe that technology will lead to greater improvements to the healthcare system in Canada in the future. R Courier has seen first-hand how technology has continuously improved the administration and practice of healthcare over the past decade and more. We also have adopted new technologies to improve our services and continue to research ways in which we can progress.

Medical courier services in Canada will continue to advance and we will remain as a leader in the industry, providing the best services possible to our clients who have come to rely on us. When you place an order online with us you can expect a range of services that aren’t offered by our competitors:

  • A variety of vehicles from small cars, to trucks full of skids or crates, tractor-trailers, to a straight truck – we have the right equipment to handle the job.
  • We have vehicles outfitted to carry medical-related items and equipment.
  • Our drivers are fully trained to handle sensitive medical items, including radioactive material.
  • With GPS tracking our dispatchers are able to coordinate our drivers for safe and speedy delivery.
  • A service vehicle is always out on the road and ready to aid a delivery vehicle that breaks down.
  • Our drivers are fully trained to provide exceptional customer service with a professional attitude.
  • All of our business is fully computerized with radio and digital communication devices.

So if you are looking for the best medical courier available, then be sure to give us a call. You won’t be disappointed after working for us and are confident that you will become a long-time client who will come to rely on us just like a number of other facilities across Canada.