If you’ve an important item to deliver or receive from another party, relying on standard postal services is probably not ideal, especially in recent years, when border regulations have become significantly stricter and time-consuming adding to the many contingencies necessitated by standard, and increasingly inconvenient, mailing procedures.

R Courier – in contradistinction to postal services and many other couriers – is productive in its simplicity. Rather than exert the energy and waste the time needed to deliver a package either to its destination or to those increasingly harder to find mailboxes, our online and over-the-phone ordering systems allow you to get us the details needed to ship your parcel as quickly as you need it to be delivered. With our arrangement, you can continue to run your business or medical practice smoothly and efficiently, without having to take precious time out of your busy schedule.

As a company, R Courier knows the ins and outs of shipping; no matter the capriciousness of border or traffic-induced obstacles, we will get your parcel to its destination in a timely manner. Additionally, there are several benefits when you opt for one of our different types of delivery services – here are few reasons why using a courier service is vital for ensuring that one’s operation functions smoothly:

Courier Services Are Cost-Effective

It’s no secret that there is an extremely competitive edge to the courier business – as is the case with most enterprises. While delivery costs vary from company to company, our pricing system reflects an in-depth knowledge of the industry that ultimately strives to save you money while meeting your nuanced, and often urgent, needs. In the end, you’ll be paying a lot less compared to the pricing systems of standard mail delivery services, let alone the cost of having an employee of yours hand-deliver a parcel – something for which they may not be trained. Indeed, we take care fuel, mileage, insurance, and parking so you don’t have to.

Courier Service Agents Are Specially Trained

Each and every one of our employees aren’t simply drivers or couriers, but highly-trained experts in the field of delivery services; although we have GPS technology at our disposal, we maintain a knowledge of the best possible routes and roadways to get to their destination as hastily as possible. Moreover, we’re capable of handling just about any kind of parcel; in addition to typical packages, we’re well-versed in procedures pertaining to the transportation parcels relating to medical documentation and equipment. Indeed, all of our agents are TDG certified. That is to say, we are capable of transporting dangerous goods according to the standards set out by Transport Canada.

Couriers Ensure Your Parcels Arrive In A Timely Fashion

R Courier is aware that the urgency of a deadline can differ from parcel to parcel – whether your need important documentation or irreplaceable medical equipment, we have a number of delivery services to suit your timeline. From regular delivery services – in which packages are delivered the same day the order is placed, before 5:00 PM – to direct and urgent orders – wherein packages are delivered within a two-hour span or as quickly as possible – we have a service that works for you.

We Keep Our Lines Of Communication Open

If you’ve got items that need particular kinds of care and handling, let us know – we’ll be happy to oblige. Although we use a great deal of technology to keep our deliveries up-and-running at an incredibly efficient rate, we pride ourselves on having real, live operators on call – not only are they professional, they are friendly and courteous.

If you’d like to save money while ensuring the efficiency of your business, contact us today – you won’t regret it!