Protecting our shipments with the most secure safety protocols in the industry takes work. That said, there’s a reason why specialized medical couriers exist, and that’s because there are deliveries that require a particular priority.

In such cases, you need a professional and reliable courier service that employs drivers ready to do everything possible to ensure your packages arrive on schedule. Here are a few common challenges our drivers face when getting your guaranteed package to its destination.

A High Standard of Security

One of the best ways to avoid potential delivery problems is to maintain a high level of security from the outset. That’s why every one of our drivers must complete an extensive training program in delivery security before starting the job.

In the field of medical treatment, many sensitive items require a high level of privacy and protection, such as:

  • Medical Documents
  • Prescription Medications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Organ Transplants

While these items require the highest level of safety and security, they are also items that frequently need to be transported by a professional medical courier from one facility to another. If you’re a healthcare professional who is concerned about the safe transport of your shipments, R Courier is the service for your needs.

Predicting Delivery Challenges

Along with general security concerns, there are other challenges our experienced and qualified drivers must keep in mind to be able to offer the reliable services we do. When it comes to travelling between destinations, there is no end to the possibilities that might occur, which can hinder one’s ability to arrive on time. To avoid any potential type of obstacle, our team at R Courier take a multiple lines of defence strategy.

GPS Tracking

The first line of defence against unforeseen challenges at R Courier is to employ GPS tracking, along with our ETA board technology. Using GPS tracking, we can monitor the status of our drivers at any point along their journey. When you use our online ETA board, you can also follow along with the GPS tracking; this way, our team is alerted to potential hazards which might impede the progress of one of our drivers.

Cell Phones and Support Vehicle

Along with the GPS tracking in every one of our vehicles, our drivers are equipped with mobile cell phones so that they can contact our home base at any time to alert the rest of the team about an issue. This ability helps other drivers to avoid road hazards, and it also enables contact with our support vehicles should they be required to overcome a delay and get your shipment back on schedule.

When you have a critical shipment and need it delivered by a company that ensures all the bases are covered when it comes to potential obstacles, you need to hire the professionals at R Courier. Please get in touch with us today for information on available services and pricing.