With a recession always on the horizon, or the ripple effects of previous recessions continuing to surface years after the fact, it is often baffling that certain industries are able to thrive in today’s fickle economy.

Nevertheless, there are some hopeful beacons, especially when it comes to courier service companies – from standard shipping all the way to specialized companies like the team at R Courier and other qualified medical couriers across the world, there is no shortage of well-to-do parcel delivery businesses. The 21st century is, no doubt, the era of the courier.

There are, of course, a number of factors that have helped to constitute this unavoidable epoch of delivery, and these elements are often difficult to pinpoint without concise analyses. First, we might look to the many ways consumer habits have changed overtime and are continuing to transform at what feels like a hyperbolic rate. Millenials are, without a doubt, lovers of convenience. Courier services, as a result, are seeing a record-breaking rise in popularity given the newfound desires of consumers, who eagerly delight in the ease of having everything arrive directly at their doorstep; through insurmountably useful services like Amazon and eBay, the notion of parcel delivery has been normalized as a facet of our day-to-day, perhaps even our hour-to-hour, lives. Everything from books and groceries to hot meals and prescription drugs can be transported directly to the consumer – no longer do we need to ensure extra time is taken for the exigencies of travel.

Meanwhile, this nearly air-tight system is only improving with each and every order, by way of big data and other technological innovations. By tracking deliveries thoroughly and conducting rigid data analysis, courier companies are now able to identify weak points, cost inefficiencies, and other signposts that can encourage their drivers and administrative committees to improve upon their system, hence the absolute efficiency of couriering in the 21st century. R Courier is privileged to make use of newer technologies, including, but not limited to, Global Positioning Systems. There is also the question of data that is customer-specific, which can help cultivate a productive rapport between clientele and company, as we get to learn the ins-and-outs of a frequently scheduled delivery route, for instance. Indeed, the parameters for logistical planning and re-planning are only really opening themselves up at this tech-savvy moment in time.

No doubt, same-day delivery – and R Courier’s non-stop, door-to-door driving, for that matter – can be an incredible time-saver when it comes to everyday surprises, such as forgotten paperwork at an office or other misplaced items that require immediate attention. Indeed, the cost of couriering – as compared to so-called “express” or overnight shipping with popular postal companies – can be significantly lower than one would expect, particularly for larger items; it is common knowledge that many delivery companies calculate their orders according to weight, rather than distance and timeframe. For instance, shipping a piece of furniture a short distance is, indeed, counterintuitive within this weight-driven paradigm of delivery service fees.

These matters are, however, contingent and case-by-case; if you would like to learn about our courier services or any specific requests you may have, it’s as easy as contacting us with a bit of information about your package – moreover, it’s very likely that R Courier’s fleet of drivers will be able to accommodate you without hesitation.

If you’d like to find out for yourself why couriers are experiencing such a surge in popularity, give us a call today! We can take care of all your parcel-specific requirements – be it paperwork deliveries or vaccinations for a medical centre – R Courier is the answer to all of your delivery needs.