Whether you’re on the road or in the air, on your way to some long-awaited vacation destination after completing your work for the day, the last thing you need is the dreadful realization that you’ve either misplaced or forgotten a document required to continue your labour remotely. Remembering precisely where you placed it in your dark office is nothing less than insufferable, especially if you are en route to visit your relatives for Thanksgiving and were hoping to finish up most of your work on the long ride over, as keen minds tend to do. Nevertheless, airports and travel in general can be quite stressful, and packing everything you need from your home can too easily take precedence, allowing office-related items to slip from your view.

Luckily, the dynamic members of the R Courier team understand that it’s easy to forget things in the heat of the moment when you’re running to catch a flight – that’s why we have got you covered when it comes to your minor lapses in memory. While the majority of courier services use a business model reliant upon the sender/receiver dualism, R Courier understands that you may be playing both of these roles. No matter the time you place your package order with us, drivers are working around the clock to ensure a prompt pickup occurs; indeed, your item will be on the road to its destination in little to no time – the timeline, ultimately, depends on your needs. Simply have your office or medical practice leave the item in a secure, visible, pre-arranged place and leave the rest of it to a highly-qualified team of drivers.

And, while our couriers and administration have exceptional record-keeping skills, from your basic information all the way to package data, R Courier is keenly aware of the fact that this info can change almost instantaneously. If your location varies (and, if you’re making the most of your vacation, it will), you can easily use our online system to alter the destination of your package.

With 25 years of experience under our proverbial belts, you can rest assured that our professional delivery services have only gotten better with age. Not only that, so too has our technology been continually optimized to provide the best possible courier experience, for both our drivers and clients.

Our ETA board, in tandem with our cutting-edge GPS technology, allows you to simply login to our website’s user-friendly interface – and thereby avoid the exigencies of speaking over the phone – in order to pose questions and receive answers, immediately, about pick-up and delivery times, as well as the number of packages received and delivered. Indeed, all the details are there, awaiting your queries, because we’re here to make scheduling convenient precisely for you, the customer.

So, as you’re forced to come face-to-face with your own (minor) shortcomings, you can just as quickly realize that there’s really no need to stress over a simple mistake; get in touch with us today and we’ll set you free of your worries so you can enjoy your vacation away from the increasingly colder weather.

Indeed, you’ll get your work done in time for that large family gathering, once we get you the laptop or paperwork that was, mere hours ago, right under your nose.