R Courier knows very well that the key to success for a company seeking a competitive edge is customer satisfaction – that’s why we prioritize you above all else. Indeed, product delivery that’s reliable is one of the fundamental aspects of our business model.

Consequently, creating predictable and consistent couriering journeys is what allows us to maintain this high standard of customer satisfaction we’ve been cultivating for nearly three decades.

Customer Satisfaction Starts with Adaptability

Logistics is one of the most central cogs in the supply chain wheel that we’ve been operating, and it is one we will only continue to further enhance. We strive to manage relationships with customers and vendors that have the assets needed to provide the services required by larger clients, such as hospitals with high turnovers.

The fast medical courier services from R Courier necessarily prioritize flexibility in order to keep things efficient – we pride ourselves on the ability to accept and carry out on-demand delivery orders as quickly as scheduled deliveries and daily service routes with which our drivers are familiar.

Customer satisfaction is a concept that is almost entirely foreign to standard postage companies or non-specialist couriers who spread themselves oo thin. Not only will a specialist a decision that will make your couriering experience all the more transparent and reliable, but it is also more sustainable in the long-run. Local companies can more easily cater to your region and make routing decisions accordingly to hands-on knowledge of secret routes and shortcuts.

It’s the locality of the company that makes it all the more trustworthy. Because of this proximity, you become more familiar with drivers over time. It’s this kind of rapport that is exclusive to companies like R Courier.

Ultimately, it is your desire for a prompt delivery that encourages us to adapt to new challenges each and every day. If your medical centre’s production changes drastically overnight and logistics become complicated for you, we can cover you and provide the courier resources needed to maintain the integrity of your hospital. These tasks require impeccable communication as well as proper training and the ability to maneuver around unpredictable events that can affect the timing

This includes creating alternate hours, having different vehicles operating simultaneously on your behalf, and adding new routes to meet these new demands – whatever is necessary to maintain your satisfaction is our modus operandi.

 Open Channels of Communication Are Integral


We continuously update the ways by which we run our operation, so as to keep you in the loop, and vice-versa. Given that clients need to know when items are both picked up and dropped off, as well as how any transfers will be managed, we use the latest courier tracking technology to make this possible.

State-of-the-art technology allows clients full visibility of their inventory in the warehouse. Moreover, we offer warehouse space and fulfillment service for scheduled or on-demand delivery of stocked items. These services are especially relevant in the fields of medical supply delivery and manufacturing, in which unpredictable usage patterns can necessitate “off schedule” restocking and delivery.

Readily available status updates fall under the umbrella of communication as well. Through real-time order tracking as well as a responsive customer relations team, clients can keep track of their deliveries from the dock to door.

All of this is to say that we offer medical courier services designed with you in mind. Contact us today for more information and to place an order with us.