When it comes to medical deliveries, the focus tends to land squarely on speed and security. This makes sense because the shipment of medical goods often requires our couriers to employ their utmost care. However, the importance of these deliveries, and even their successes, shouldn’t distract clients from the small yet vital details that allow such work to function smoothly.

Behind the Scenes

Given that medical shipments often require haste, we at R Courier offer the following reminder of everything you should keep in mind when ordering the delivery of a medical parcel. This information won’t just provide you with amusing industry anecdotes for your next cocktail party – being informed about the medical delivery options we offer can save time, resulting in future deliveries that reach their destinations even faster!

Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a legal document that a courier must carry, which contains all of the necessary information about a particular shipment they are in the process of delivering. This document has legal status because part of its function is to act as a safety precaution to ensure that theft cannot occur. As such, the bill of lading requires a signature upon delivery, and no one can receive that package that doesn’t match the order’s details.

The security aspect of the bill of lading is essential if you are using a medical courier company because medical shipments often contain dangerous goods that must be protected from theft at all costs. As such, the Bill of Lading is your first line of defence in securing critical parcels.

Kind of Shipment

It can help to speed up the process if you have already considered the kinds of services that we offer and what one will work best for your delivery. Our five delivery options include:

  • Regular
  • Rush
  • Direct
  • Urgent
  • Overnight

These delivery times vary from non-stop service to the end of the day (5 pm) or overnight. The option you choose will depend on how vital it is for your package to arrive quickly.

Registration Form

At R Courier, you can fill out a registration form to set up an account that will allow you to place deliveries faster. Registering an account with R Courier will allow you to can keep a close watch on the status of your deliveries by quickly signing in on our website and accessing the ETA Board.

The ETA board is an electronic service that allows our clients to have full access to delivery routes and stops. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking to ensure real-time updates of their position, so you’ll never be out of the loop on the status of our couriers.

Weight of Parcel

The weight of each parcel will factor into the cost of the shipment, but it might also play a role regarding how quickly an item can be delivered by a what level of care is required.

Address of Parcel Destination

It might seem obvious that you’ll need to provide the address where the shipment is headed, but it is exactly this kind of little detail that is easily overlooked in a critical situation. In the case of healthcare and medical delivery or other delivery services that require a high level of security, this factor is all the more crucial because a missed delivery could have dire consequences.

Remember, it won’t matter how fast a delivery service you order for your medical parcel if you don’t have the information needed to get it to its destination. If you add the wrong address to your shipment, you might also get an extra charge.

When you’re placing an order with a delivery company that offers some of the fastest and most secure options available in the business, your order is too important to waste precious time figuring out your options. Call us before shipping to learn more about the best choices for your next order.