We are living in an age of technological prosperity that has allowed for significant changes to occur in the way that we not only send and receive packages as couriers, but how everything in between is approached – from the logistics of caring for a package, all the way to the manners by which it is accounted for, the digitization of life has brought about a kind of renaissance in the courier industry.

  1. Temperature Control

With the advent of portable cooling and heating systems available to just about any type of vehicle – no longer is it exclusive to large trucks – it’s no wonder couriers can act promptly when faced with time-sensitive, multifaceted deliveries. Cooling technologies can allow shipments to remain at their required temperature for long periods of time.

No matter how delicate a package may be, temperature control is one of the many instances of technological wonderment that makes parcel services a safe choice for many medical practitioners – from pharmacists replenishing supplies to emergency surgeons transplanting organs, R Courier parcel delivery services are guaranteed to fulfill orders at break-neck speeds.

  1. GPS Tracking and Electronic Proof-Of-Delivery

No longer can one use the excuse of a mix-up by mail; packages can be located and retrieved almost instantaneously thanks to the bewildering precision of satellite-driven technology. Moreover, no customer needs to be subject to a vague estimated delivery time ever again, which are highly contingent without the right technology. R Courier, for example, makes use of an easily-navigated ETA Board; you can either peruse the company website or contact us for more information about our ETA Board login and how it directly impacts your package. In short, you can expect spot-on information at any given time.

  1. Digitization Means Organization

Not only is this kind of technological precision a relief for clients, it’s a logistical arrangement that reduces the labour of documentation and organization to just a few clicks, eliminating the possibility of lost or illegible paperwork getting in the way of your order. And, of course, decreasing the amount of paperwork is an ecologically-viable option.

  1. Air-Tight Packaging

Although it isn’t exactly high-tech in the strictest sense, many of the packaging options available to couriers are rigorously tested and have proven their worth over time. One can easily see advancement in this field, particularly when it comes to the radical transformation of the materials used in the transportation of medical samples. Gone are the days of simple foam and traditional cardboard and other leaky materials that are unable to get the job done and endure long truck rides.

  1. Automotive Innovation

First and foremost, better mileage and fuel efficiency ensure that drivers need not waste time frequently fueling up or tending to the maintenance of the engine and other parts of the vehicle. Additionally, even minor details such as the widened interiors and plush driver’s seats can help to cultivate a comfortable environment for trained professionals to see time-sensitive and scenarios all the way through to the end, without breaks, but nevertheless, without the risk of jeopardizing ergonomics and other health-related issues integral to efficient driving.

These are just a few of the ways that couriering has been irrevocably altered for the best; it’s no surprise that the industry continues to grow worldwide, alongside the capacities of its workers.

With over twenty-five years of experience, we offer several delivery services that are able to suit your needs and the timeframe that you quote us.