There’s no room for error or complications when it comes to prescriptions and deliveries to medical professionals. If clients facing emergencies were forced to sort through bureaucratic administrative red tape to make their deliveries happen, it could put lives at risk.

Health care professionals often require a safe and rapid delivery of equipment or samples to ensure that medical research can be conducted correctly. In such situations, there is no room for delays. Here’s how R Courier allows you to avoid these problems by making it easy to send medical parcels.

Streamlining Medical Deliveries

Medical deliveries are among the most critical items that couriers handle; that’s why couriers specializing in health care services understand the need to simplify the process. When the items you need to be transported carry the utmost importance, you need a specialized delivery company you can trust.

Medical Deliveries and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the public’s awareness of the need to provide safe and quick delivery services, particularly regarding health care. In the early days of the pandemic, when Public Health Toronto required the shipment of medical samples related to research on COVID-19, they relied on R Courier to fulfill these deliveries without delay.

Likewise, when you need to hire medical couriers that can guarantee safe delivery, you won’t need to waste time looking far and wide because you know you can trust our team to get the job done right.

Online Status of Orders

Using the latest innovative technology to connect GPS vehicle tracking with our online customer service provides customers with the information they need regarding every delivery.

On the R Courier website, we offer 24-hour access to our ETA Board, a comprehensive active online platform that provides up-to-date information about the status of your order. When you register to access this database online, you’ll also gain access to information like

  • GPS Tracking Map
  • GPS Reporting & ETA
  • CSR Page
  • Bar Coding
  • Mobile Signature Capture
  • Invoices & Billings

With all of this technology at your service at all times, you’ll never have to worry about navigating through automated phone services or waiting hours to get in contact with someone who can tell you about your order.

Various Levels of Service

At R Courier, we offer several different courier services to allow customers to easily find a delivery option that accurately suits their needs. When you have clear choices specifically curated to streamline the process of selection, you don’t have to waste time explaining your exact needs or holding your breath in hopes that services like up to their claims. Instead, use a company you know you can trust.

Safety Assured

Our team is used to offering confidential and secure delivery services on a daily basis. Our drivers are highly experienced in delivering sensitive packages, and they also undergo rigorous training to provide the best courier services.

If you’re a health care professional that requires equipment or medicine to treat a patient in critical condition, you can’t afford to risk shipping delays. Please get in touch with our team to book your next shipment quickly and easily.