The different levels of service we offer at R Courier are designed to meet different customer needs. While most of these differences concern the speed of the delivery time, not all of the differences work in this way. For example, one of the reasons why we offer overnight delivery is to offer peace of mind in certain situations. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Your Delivery Options at R Courier

When you’re working with the leaders in medical courier services, you should expect a variety of services designed to address any particular shipment’s the specific needs. After all, in the medical care industry, there are an enormous amount of different needs, depending on where a shipment is intended to help a patient in need, a doctor working on a patient, or to help share sensitive information.

What Kinds of Services Do We Offer?

The best way to get to know the different levels of delivery service we offer at R Courier is to visit the delivery services page on our website to get a complete overview of all the details. If you’ve visited our information page regarding different delivery options and have additional questions or need help picking the right delivery service type, you can contact us for additional help.

While many of these services are part of a tiered system with different speed levels, only some services fall within this scheme. Our overnight service, however, works differently.

What is Overnight Delivery Service?

You can order your shipment via our overnight delivery service if you need it to arrive at the destination the next day. To place an order for overnight delivery, you need to be able to make your order by noon the day prior.

While there are some medical deliveries, as in the case of organ transplants, where your package will need to be delivered in a non-stop fashion so that it arrives as quickly as possible, overnight deliveries provide our customers with a set guarantee of next-day delivery.

How Does Our Overnight Delivery Service Provide Peace of Mind?

Unlike other delivery services, which might elicit you to track the status of your order continually, overnight delivery service is designed to allow you to relax once your order has been placed. Part of why anyone decides to use a professional medical courier is due to the assurance that comes with highly trained drivers.

When you order an overnight service, you won’t have to think about your order while it is being delivered. Instead, you can sleep easy knowing that your package will arrive safely at its destination the next day.

No shipment is too big or small. If you require another specialty service with your overnight delivery, such as a van delivery or temperature control, get in touch with us before ordering to ensure availability.

No matter what type of delivery service you choose, you’ll always get the fastest, safest and more reliable service when you work with our team at R Courier. Please get in touch with us today to learn more.