When it comes to parcel delivery, R Courier has been the go-to choice for the medical community for going on three decades. This is because we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and have the expertise to consistently meet them.

Our particular brand of parcel delivery and medical courier services is built on the perfect blend of technology, rigorous training, and high-quality service. That means we’re not only reliable, but also committed to making your deliveries memorable through courtesy, thoughtfulness, and a positive attitude. Read on to learn more about how we’re building our reputation as a courier of choice:

The Right Tools for the Most Efficient Service

Our ETA Board is a platform that gives our customers access to all the relevant information about their deliveries with us. Once you log in, you’ll be able to confirm important details, such as:

  • Estimated times of arrival, so you never have to waste time waiting when a patient’s health may hang in the balance
  • Your driver’s name, number, and GPS location, so you can feel secure and we can earn your trust through added transparency
  • Your invoices, so you can verify the numbers at your convenience

As the only medical courier in Canada that offers this kind of platform, our customers enjoy an unmatched level of accountability and insight into our process. If we have to revise a pickup or delivery time, we want you to be the first to know through our ETA Board. And since it updates every two minutes, you’ll be able to plan accordingly with minimal delay.

We also offer Mobile Signature Capture, which means you can quickly sign for your parcel and avoid adding more paperwork to your already considerable workload. In addition, the technology allows us to confirm with you about who signed for what and when through our records of digital signatures.

If you’d like to see our medical courier technology in action, feel free to contact us with your inquiry and it’d be our pleasure to assist you. Whether your delivery fits in a manila folder or fills a truck from end to end, we have the infrastructure in place to get it to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Prepared to Serve a Diversity of Medical Practitioners

We love working with new customers and striving for excellence in everything we do for them. We currently serve individual physicians, medical laboratories, and healthcare agencies caring for communities of hardworking people across the country. Each customer has a unique story and role to play in the medical field, and it is our mission to strengthen the connections between them through reliable couriering whenever they call.

Besides state-of-the-art technology, how do we provide our customers with the best possible service? For one, R Courier drivers are experts at their job, which is to deliver your parcels with the highest degree of safety, speed, and, of course, kindness.

As TDG license-holders, they’re trained to transport dangerous goods—such as toxic, infectious, or corrosive chemicals—commonly used in the medical field to not only further important research but also save people’s lives. We also perform radioactive medical parcel delivery so that medical professionals can use these hazardous substances to treat and diagnose serious issues like cancer, heart problems, and bone disorders. Regardless of road conditions, our drivers are ready to handle your delicate deliveries with unmatched professionalism.

As a customer-focused parcel delivery service, it matters to us that you feel satisfied with your experience and encouraged to call on us again should the need arise. Rest assured that one of our phone operators will be happy to review the details of your delivery to make sure we meet your objectives.

Given that the medical community works around the clock to keep us feeling healthy, R Courier is available 24/7 to meet their needs, including rush and overnight deliveries, because even a few minutes can make a difference to a patient’s wellbeing. Reach us by phone at 416-633-8183 or by email at info@rcourier.com for an exceptional delivery experience today!