While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of safety for everyone, our customers at R Courier have always enjoyed the advantage of great interactions with our couriers and the assurance of knowing their items will be transported with a high level of care.

At R Courier, are our drivers are highly trained and highly experienced. This experience includes working with some of the most sensitive shipments that get delivered in Canada, like medical samples. Our couriers are backed by up-to-date technology that helps to get the job done and lets you check in on your order whenever you like.

Handled with Care

When you have a delicate item moving between locations, it can be distracting and worrisome to continually fixate on whether it will arrive at its destination safely. One of the reasons that private individuals and companies alike employ the most professional couriers in the industry is that they want to guarantee that they won’t have to worry about the transport of their most critical items.

Our capabilities for safety aren’t just a commitment that we make to our customers; they are backed by specialized training and years of professional experience in the transport of sensitive items. In all cases, you can rest assured that our team will prioritize safety in delivering your items.

Medical Delivery Speciality

Nowhere is the issue of safety more important to clients than in the case of medical deliveries. If you’re looking for a medical courier company that has experience with keeping some of the most vital medical shipments safe, then you’ll find everything you need with our team of trained professionals. Some of our experience includes transporting essential medical samples for COVID-19 testing by Public Health Toronto.

Hazardous Materials

Occasionally, medical or other specialized organizations require the delivery of items classified as dangerous goods according to the mandates of transport Canada. Such situations require couriers with specialized training in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG). We also follow strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols at all times to ensure that our customer interactions are as safe as possible.

How Technology Helps

Your R Courier services are not strictly limited to the processes of shipment that you aren’t there to see. While our company hires a highly maintained fleet of delivery vehicles and a team of couriers you can trust, we also offer online tools like GPS tracking that you can use to stay connected to your delivery while you’re safe at home.

Customer Satisfaction

In an industry where the customer relies on the work of a skilled team to carry out their needs, the assurance of a safe transaction begins with customer service. Whether you’re talking about the safety of the packages or the confidence that comes with interacting with highly professional personnel, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a positive customer experience when you ship with R Courier.

If you’re looking for a courier business you can trust for safe shipping practices, work with R Courier. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn about how we can help in the safe delivery of whatever items you need to send.