The security of our customers is one of the most severe concerns we hold at R Courier. Given the need for extreme safety regarding the shipments required by medical couriers, that’s saying a lot. Here’s how R Courier goes out of our way to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our customers remain secure.

Rigorous Employee Training

The first step in maintaining the security of your personal information begins with our couriers. If you’ve been reading any of our blogs here at R Courier, you probably already know that every one of our drivers is highly trained and experienced. You might not already know that the safety and security training for our team goes beyond the exceptional level of care we bring to your packages.

While it is true that medical couriers must complete training to handle the most vital of deliveries properly – often involving the certification to carry dangerous goods, they are also trained in customer service. Along with ensuring that customer information remains private and confidential, our team remains committed to reliable courier service to ensure you enjoy the best and friendliest assistance with every order.

Online Security

In today’s world of steadily increasing digital information, a company can never be too secure when protecting customer information online. Ensuring your data is safe is a particular concern to our team for two reasons:

  • Medical Shipments Often Contain Sensitive Information
  • The Importance of Online Tracking Systems

At R Courier, we appreciate that medical information should always remain private. This heightened level of privacy and confidentiality is one of the key reasons why specialized medical couriers exist. As mentioned, the primary protection regarding customer privacy and confidentiality regarding the information contained in your shipments involves highly trained professional couriers.

Our online order system is one of the most valuable benefits of our tracking technology. The reason for this is that this system allows you to both place new orders to ensure their timely arrival, but it also allows you to access our ETA Board to track your order.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, which is always connected directly to our website and accessible to our clients. As such, the best defence regarding your digital information is heightened online security. This is the reason why each client must register with us online before gaining access to our ETA Board.

Delivery Security

Advanced tracking systems and reliable drivers ensure your deliveries arrive reliably and on time. Working with a courier that is guaranteed to ensure your package arrives at its destination is another vital way to protect your privacy and confidentiality when working with R Courier.

Medical couriers are essential to the healthcare industry, and one of the critical reasons for this is evident in the increased need for secure deliveries, including customer privacy and confidentiality. If you need to send a shipment that requires an increased level of safety and security, be sure to contact our team at R Courier to get the reliability you require. Call us today.