At R Courier, integrating a new piece of technology only makes sense if it improves the quality of how we do business. This is why it’s the customers’ needs that determine any such changes we make. In an age when automation can take away our sense of community, we innovate to touch the lives of those we work with in the most positive way possible.

Ordering and Billing

Take our automated online ordering and billing system. Customers are able to log in at their convenience without the hassle of paperwork or in-person visits. On top of that, you can customize payment options and invoice frequency and you don’t even have to fill out a bill of lading.


The advantage here is that rather than hiring workers to run the system, it does most of the work itself. In this way, we can focus our time and resources on training to deliver better customer service when client concerns arise.


Customer Service Training

We pride ourselves on professionalism, training all of our staff to dress appropriately and carry themselves with decorum wherever they happen to be. Drivers and telephone operators alike are happy to be of service because our goal is for you to feel that your time with us is well spent.


Road safety is a major concern as well. Our people have the skills to handle delicate and often expensive medical equipment, especially during treacherous winter conditions. They wouldn’t be on the road without them. For added convenience, our service vehicle is on call in the city in case a delivery vehicle breaks down. And once at your destination, our Mobile Signature Capture technology means your package can be in the hands that need it that much quicker. It’s little touches of service like this that add up to a sum greater than its parts.



We believe accountability and transparency are what set us apart in the medical courier industry. This is why our ETA Board is always accessible by password to keep all of your delivery and pick-up times in order. Any changes or delays are recorded here to avoid uncertainty and put you at ease. There is no room for second-guessing when people’s lives may depend on the medicine, equipment, or medical results placed in our care. We want you to be with us every step of the way. Give us a visit to get more information on our real-time tracking.



You can speak with our drivers and dispatchers without delay thanks to the latest in radio and digital communication technology. Moment to moment availability not only enables us to quickly address any problems, but it also reduces customer stress, especially when important medical supplies are involved. We know it makes a world of difference to speak to a human being when resolving any worry.


Our tightly-knit team is what gives us the privilege and the ability to meet a variety of needs, from rush shipments, to large medical equipment deliveries, to packages as small as an envelope. If your parcel delivery is time sensitive, we are there for you. If your materials are hazardous, our TDG license means we can help you with that too.



In addition, our vehicles’ GPS capabilities mean you always know who is delivering your package and which route they are taking to get there. We put you in the passenger’s seat so you can feel secure about how seriously we take our work. Our service is door-to-door because helping physicians, health care agencies, and major laboratories move materials from Point A to Point B isn’t just a job, it’s a calling.


At R Courier, we strive to offer the most efficient and trustworthy medical courier delivery powered by state of the art technology. It is by using computerized systems and establishing clear lines of communication that we hope to show how success can be found when you put people first.