It’s virtually impossible to run a business nowadays without the use of technology – let alone a successful one. Technology helps businesses streamline their processes, successfully manage their operations and finances, and create better products and services that meet their customer’s needs. Without it, an organization risks falling behind the competition and losing customers. That’s why it’s essential that they are constantly keeping up with the latest technological business solutions out there.

At R Courier, we pride ourselves in providing reliable and quick medical parcel delivery services for our esteemed clients across Canada. Our team is dedicated to a job well done and utilizes the best people and technologies in the business in order to ensure that we are providing the best service possible. We are always seeking new ways to improve and are continuously adopting new technologies that will propel us forward.

The Technology We Use

See our medical courier technology in action when you sign up for an account on our website and order any of our services. From small to large packages and medical-related items, we have the resources to safely and effectively deliver or pick up whatever you need.

First in Canada ETA Board

We are the first in Canada to offer an account management and order tracking service all through one secure account that our customers can create on our website. From the ETA Board, you can track your orders and receive live updates on the status of our delivery vehicles, including any delays or changes to their estimated arrival times. You can even check who signed for your package, as well as make changes to your account info.

GPS Tracking and Reporting

Our delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS systems which allow us to track their progress and provide our customers with reports on their status. Large-volume customers can log in via the web to access our full GPS tracking system and view the status of any of our drivers at any time.

We utilize real-time reporting that provides updates on the driver’s activity including the current position and the history of their route, as well as performance and violation reports. Customers can also view details of the packages that have been picked up or dropped off at any location.

Mobile Signature Capture

Mobile signature capture technology allows us to digitally store signatures so that we can keep efficient and detailed records, and also for our clients who can check who signed for their package via the ETA Board. This added peace of mind is what puts us above our competition and is why we are the best courier in Toronto.

Online Invoicing and Billing

We also use technology to provide our clients with the convenience of being able to view invoices and make payments online. Whatever works you: payments can be made online, via direct deposit, wired, or by cheque. They can be emailed out to you bi-weekly or on a monthly basis, and the layout of the invoice can be customized to suit your needs.

Best in Toronto Courier Technology

If you have medical courier questions we have answers and can walk you through all of the latest technological advancements we are using to provide the best services in the business. Want to know more about our flexible pricing and delivery service options? Give us a call at 1-800-823-5223 and one of our representatives will be happy to speak with you and describe our courier services to you in full.