Medical couriers are essential workers. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, testing facilities and other medical organizations need them to order essential supplies, deliver documents and transport samples to the correct locations. And in the time of COVID-19, their work is more important than ever.

To keep up this good work, companies have to guarantee that their couriers are healthy and safe. Read ahead to find out how R Courier is doing that.

Protecting Couriers from COVID-19

In the past year, some courier companies have been hotspots for COVID-19 outbreaks. In May, a Canada Post sorting plant in Calgary, Alberta, was linked to a number of infections. In July, a Purolator facility in Toronto confirmed an outbreak on the premises. And below the border, USPS confirmed over a thousand infected postal carriers by the end of April alone. There are several reasons for these outbreaks, including a lack of protective equipment and physically close workspaces.

We offer top-quality medical courier services in the GTA — which is why we understand that keeping couriers healthy and safe from COVID-19 is crucial. Medical facilities across the city depend on our services to get PPE, test samples, medication and more. Things would be much slower and harder without them.

Prioritizing couriers’ safety keeps others safe, too. COVID-19 can be asymptomatic and very contagious. Following strict safety measures does more than protect R Courier’s staff. It protects everyone that our couriers come in contact with — this includes their families, their friends, and their clients.

How Do We Keep Our Couriers Safe?

  • Using technology to minimize in-person contact. You can set up your order, track the delivery and pay entirely online. Click here to take a look at features like our mobile signature technology and ETA Board.
  • Following hygiene and safety measures like wearing protective face masks, regularly washing hands and more.
  • Prioritizing careful handling and delivery. Our couriers are trained in TDG (the transportation of dangerous goods) to eliminate any risks of error through every step of the delivery. The training is vital for delivering biohazardous materials — like COVID-19 test samples.

Is It Safe to Make Orders?

This is a question that has sparked worry in Canadians for months. They’ve wondered whether it was safe for them to have a package delivered or not.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization addressed the question of whether you can get coronavirus via packages received through standard mail or courier delivery systems. The organization stated that the risk is very low. It’s true that the New England Journal of Medicine found that COVID-19 stays on cardboard for 24 hours, but they concluded that the surface is porous and not ideal for contamination.

If you are still worried about the possibility of contracting the virus from packages, you can follow some simple precautions:

  • Wear PPE like a face mask or pair of gloves when receiving and opening delivered packages
  • Wash your hands immediately after opening the package
  • If the package is plastic, you can wipe down the surface with disinfectant
  • If the delivery isn’t urgent, you can wait to open it. Store it in a safe place and don’t open it for 24 hours. Then, you can be sure that the surface is virus-free.

If you have any questions about our delivery services and safety precautions during the pandemic, contact us — we’re always here to help our clients to the best of our abilities. Send us an email at or call us at 1-800-823-5223.

Imagine working without the help of medical deliveries. The possibility isn’t ideal. Here at R Courier, we understand that fast and reliable couriers are essential for keeping other people safe and healthy. That’s why we strive to keep them safe and healthy, too.