“Spring forward, fall back” may be an inconspicuous, if not hackneyed, saying, but its repercussions are manifold. Indeed, Spring signifies the beginning of Daylight Saving time – in other words, the loss of an entire hour of sleep. With this loss comes a great deal of consequences; it is well-known that this temporal shift constitutive of “Saving” stifles people’s cognitive capacities, throwing circadian rhythms out of whack and pummelling both body and mind into varying states of disarray. With this kind of collective sleep-deprivation afoot, it is high time tired individuals loosened up their schedules by taking advantage of pivotal services that are actually time-saving, if their productivity is to stay afloat – services like those offered by licensed couriers. Gone are the days of sleepily dragging a package to its destination.

More specifically, R Courier delivery services can act as an aid to those in need of a break from routine commutes that are centered around important pickups and deliveries; the company’s fleet of drivers offer a great deal of leeway and are able catering to extremely minute needs with specific, and usually rather tight, timeframes. From personal parcels, all the way to bio-hazardous materials that require the utmost attentiveness from sender, driver, and receiver, our team of professionals will be able to help you avoid the stresses of having to use standardized postal services or from simply having to undertake the delivery on one’s own.

During the all-too-exhausting spring thaw, no bleary-eyed business-owner or medical centre overseer ought to take time out of their busy schedule to hand deliver an important document or any wares, for that matter. Luckily, if you or one of your employees is in a particularly hasty situation, rather than prepping oneself for a long drive and forcing oneself out the door – thereby draining precious moments from the day – a skilled courier can do the heavy lifting for you and guarantee that the package makes it to its destination.

Indeed, things slow down because of Daylight Saving’s ability to stifle all of our corporeal patterns, but this is no excuse to let things get out of control, such that disorganization takes hold and compromises one’s place of business. This is especially true of medical practitioners, which is why our courier delivery services are available year-round, at all hours of the night, with specimen or lab result delivery available from laboratory to hospital, and vice-versa. No matter the time of year and the drowsiness it may bring, it goes without saying that medical professionals ought to be able to have access to the materials they need, exactly when they need them.

In other words, a courier service can enable you to transport the items needed to keep a medical centre afloat in even the most hectic of conditions. Because R Courier is aware of the absolute urgency of its role, our professionals will not so much as flinch at having lost an hour of the day – drivers are, indeed, constantly keeping track of time in order to improve the efficacy of each and every delivery route, using the latest in GPS tracking devices, no less.

No matter how groggy you may feel, taking the time to contact us to learn more could be the organizational overhaul you’ve been looking for, or at least a solution that’ll help you and your employees regain that lost hour of sleep.