If you’ve an urgent delivery to make, it’s likely a job best suited for a parcel delivery or courier service, rather than the throes and woes of postage, where any delivery is liable to get lost or delayed. Indeed, specialized services that expedite your shipment, no matter the volume or content of the parcel, will leave you or your company feeling at ease.

Although the specific benefits vary from company to company, it’s likely that going beyond your typical postal service will garner advantages such as lower costs, speed, and professionalism – this is especially true here at R Courier where we have implemented various procedures and protocols to ensure the best possible service for you and your items, medical or otherwise. Here, speed and efficiency are requisites for each and every member of our team, but we nevertheless maintain a strict and extensive focus on safety, setting out detailed guidelines for the care of your parcels. Here are a few of the perks of ditching your everyday postal service:

Care and Attentiveness

While non-specialized delivery services are constantly expanding – both in company size and delivery volume  – these other companies who claim to be fast local delivery services are only versed in general aspects of parcel delivery; in contradistinction, we train our drivers  to maintain the hygienic and structural integrity of each package. It’s always necessary, in our opinion, to keep, a safe and clean working environment, and, because our shipments can be anything from pharmaceuticals to sterilized medical supplies, we ensure the best care is taken.


All of our personnel are recognized by Transport Canada as being able to care for, handle, and transport dangerous goods.

Precise GPS Tracking Technology

Your personalized customer account will allow you to track your orders in real time; a simple login to our website has all the details you could imagine – from driver position and activity, to route changes and violations – so you can feel as though you’re traveling the distance yourself. Additionally, you will be informed immediately of any unforeseen route changes or delays.

Reduced Delivery Time, Despite Unforeseen Circumstances

Depending on your specific needs, our polite and courteous drivers can have your parcel delivered within ninety minutes. There are plans with distinct fees to cater to whatever your situation may be – emergency or otherwise. In the unlikely event of a vehicular problem, we have a fully-equipped service car on the road ready to go at all times.

Efficient Payment System

Our payment system not only archives all invoices to make them as assessable as possible, it also accepts various forms of payment – direct deposit, wires, cheques, and more – in order to suit your needs, no matter how hastily you may be placing the delivery order.

 Dedication to Customers

In the unlikely event of there being an issue or concern with your items, our advanced tracking technology can pinpoint the problem and you can watch as we correct it in real-time. As an entirely customer-oriented enterprise, we’re on the line 24-7, waiting to hear your questions and concerns.

Avoiding the stress of uncertainty, then, is as easy as making the strategic switch to a specialized service provider to ensure that your high-value mail makes it to its destination, no matter where that may be. So, place your order online today and take advantage of our excitingly efficient services!