No matter the company or seniority, a medical courier is a demanding, and in many cases, unrelenting position to maintain. In itself, couriering is a fast-paced job that requires patience and durability; but when you throw complicated and delicate parcels, coupled with urgent deadlines, the job becomes increasingly difficult to conceptualize. This is why, for so many people, medical couriering remains unthinkable and mystifying. As a way of helping you better understand what exactly the job entails, the following will outline a few of the primary responsibilities that each and every medical courier must fulfill and constantly keep in mind.

  1. Cleanliness And Uniformity

It goes without saying that keeping things neat and organized is essential. This is true of just about any job in the workforce at large, but especially urgent for fast and reliable medical courier services and their providers. R Courier, as a result, always makes sure a spill kit is equipped and fully functional in each and every truck. Moreover, we train our drivers to make use of these kits effectively, if need be.


  1. Knowing The Nuances Of The Cargo

If a driver is to effectively care for and tend to a truck full of delicate medical items, it’s essential for them to not only know generally about what a specific package may contain, but to have a vast knowledge of basic medical information. This is to say, that a driver may take specific routes in order to account for and attend to the fragility of certain packages. If something is particularly sensitive, speed bumps will absolutely be avoided, for example.

  1. Creating Customer Rapport

If you’re going to be relying on a company to transport everything from vital hospital documents, all the way to live, biological specimens, it’s absolutely necessary to keep some kind of dialogue going with said company. That’s why at R Courier, a great deal of effort is put into keeping the channels of communication wide open at all times.

  1. Using The Newest, Most Efficient Resources

This rapport, no doubt, is fostered by our revolutionary tracking technology that allows clients to see precisely where their package is located, with real-time updates made on a moment-to-moment basis; to see for yourself just how efficient R Courier’s GPS systems our, you can check out our state of the art tracking system simply by logging on to our website’s ETA Board portal. You can easily place an order online with and have all of your vital information logged from the moment you start your transaction with us. This kind of technologically-enabled rapport is carried out until your parcel reaches its destination; with this, you are able to hold us accountable using specific documentation.

The employment of precise Global Positioning technology also allows us to understand the ins and outs of particular driving routes and possible problems that can be encountered and, in the future, avoided. No doubt, we like to learn from our foibles to optimize your next experience with our services. If a particular route is no longer feasible, we will eliminate it as a possibility for our couriers; there is no point risking a repeated delay when we have the technology to avoid exactly that.

With all of these factors in mind, it’s quite clear that an efficient player in the medical couriering industry is almost completely dependent upon interpersonal skills. So, if you’re looking for a company that is not only known for its parcel delivery services and an impeccable track record, but a penchant for customer service, contact us.