For the uninitiated, a medical package is likely to be one of the most stressful things you’ll either have to send or receive. Unless you’re a doctor or nurse, one should hope that this occurrence happens infrequently in a given lifetime. If you do, however, work for a medical establishment, you’re going to need a company that is unwavering in its ability to deliver urgent packages in a timely and efficient manner.

Indeed, unspecialized couriers or everyday postal workers would likely crumble under the pressure of having perishable cargo that could, potentially, save the life of an ailing individual – or put them in harm’s way if too much time is taken to complete the delivery. In any case, R Courier delivery services are as diverse as they are reliable; no matter the kind of delivery you are making and the timeline you set out, our drivers take each package very seriously and handle them with the utmost care.

R Courier is professional, courteous, and equipped to handle just about any kind of package delivery, despite how time sensitive or fragile it may be. In addition to hospitals, we work alongside law firms and governmental bodies to ensure the safe delivery of important documents, for example. What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that each driver is certified and experienced as a hospital courier; this is also to say, they are well-versed in the art of stress management.

The precision of our operations is dependent on the tools we use to actualize various estimated times of arrival; in order to make each and every delivery successful, we use state of the art technology that carefully tracks packages and efficiently aids drivers on their routes, refining their estimations with each delivery in real time. This tech, however, is not an interface exclusive to R Courier’s fleet of drivers – it is also accessible to our clientele.

A quick visit to our website’s homepage will allow access to our ETA Board login. Whether your package is medical-related or an everyday item of a less urgent nature, the login will be readily available to you from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Once you enter your unique login information, you can look into the status of your package. While it’s called an “ETA Board,” and you’ll certainly be able to learn of the estimated time of arrival, you’ll also have at your disposal minute details that are otherwise unavailable to the patrons of most couriering companies. More specifically, our technology gives you the ability to see how the package is being handled, what physical condition it is in, the nature of the transport packaging and sorting system it has seen in the process of being delivered, and, of course, the time when it will arrive.

Indeed, if a courier company is going to work in tandem with the rigid schedules of doctors and nurses, it’s necessary to do one’s best to match the rigour of the hospital or health centre. Given that medical professionals are embracing the future of technology, so too must the medical courier industry – this is one reason that R Courier prides itself on the use of a uniquely specific ETA Board.

So, if you’re ready to redefine reliability and guarantee the safe delivery of an important medical package, learn about our parcel delivery services and give us a call today.