When doctors are running low on supplies, replenishment can quickly become an urgent matter. Without having the necessary items used to treat patients and meet their specific needs, which are always changing rapid-speed, the stakes of healthcare become too extreme for most to handle. Any given healthcare centre can easily be compromised in a situation as dire as this.

Just a few bad experiences between doctors and patients can be devastating to the brands of even the most established healthcare centres – indeed, branding is everything and the way the public perceives a hospital can affect its well-being.

Because it’s vital any and all resources are readily available – despite the vast distances which certain items may have to travel – it’s necessary to avoid any uncertainty, like the kinds posed by everyday postage services, and instead opt for a courier’s reliability.

Medical couriering is a make-or-break element that goes into the upkeep of any hospital. Unlike many parcel delivery companies, and especially indifference to standard postage, medical delivery services from R Courier are able to effectively attend to the particularities of you or your company’s needs.

The well-being of patients isn’t just entrusted to the qualified hands of healthcare workers. On the contrary, administrators who tally up supplies and equipment play a role that is just as urgent as a doctor or nurse. That’s why successful hospitals and smaller medical practices typically make use of specialized medical couriers, who use only the best equipment. These kinds of services allow for a more efficient healthcare hub to emerge – even the busiest hospitals benefit from medical couriers more than they would have anticipated.

For nearly thirty years, R Courier has seen more and more healthcare agencies, major laboratories, and physicians across Canada put their trust in us. The advantages of being put in this privileged position means we necessarily go above and beyond when it comes to the nuanced world of medical supply transportation.

Doubtlessly, we are experienced and well-versed in parcel delivery at large. Nevertheless, our specialization in medical courier services means that over the past few decades, we have become accustomed to undertaking jobs with the utmost urgency. Whether we’re speedily abiding by road laws, or rushing through the crowded halls of a hospital, we’re determined to get the job done on time.

R Courier uses advanced courier tracking technology to guarantee the safe delivery of a package at a national or international level.

Our ETA Board, for instance, allows instant access to your package’s Estimated Time of Arrival. By simply logging in with your personalized account information, you can check-in with drivers and see precisely where your delivery is and what its estimated time of arrival will be, as well as the details of the truck and its transportation equipment.

Because our couriers are more than capable of transporting the tools, equipment, and other objects to items needed to keep a medical centre running, we make sure to set a precedence for timeliness with each and every delivery.

Because our couriers are TDG-certified (which is to say, they are trained in transporting dangerous goods), they are capable of transporting anything without hesitation. Given the amount of training they’ve been forced to complete, our delivery staff is beyond capable of transporting a wide range of medical materials, including – but not certainly not limited to – drugs and other products necessary for treatment, blood, specimens for testing, and various hazardous objects. 

In short, if you’re ready to optimize your brand using technologies available to couriers around the world, you can call us today for more information about your parcel delivery or medical courier needs. Our patented ETA Board guarantees the best services around.