A growing number of new cases are reported lately in Ontario with increasing frequency. According to Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, the province is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19. Some health experts predict that the second wave could be a more significant challenge for people in the region in combination with threats from the flu season.

We’re Ready for The Second Wave

At R Courier, we’ve been in the medical courier business for almost three decades. We have transported critical medical items for national and international clients during this time and have developed an excellent reputation. It’s a fact – R Courier medical courier services are considered by the medical community to be dependable, fast, and cost-effective.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve served several renowned health care professionals at Public Health Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital, and many health care facilities in Scarborough. Many of these professionals relied on the ETA board for their convenience and safety.

Access the ETA Board

Our ETA board is a first in Canada. It allows you to check a variety of details about your shipment, from the safety and comfort of your computer. Here is how to access the ETA board:

  1. Click the ETA Board Login button at the top of our website.
  2. Enter your access information to log into your account. You’ll need your account number, Web ID, and password to enter.
  3. If you don’t have an account, click the Register button to register your company.
  4. To register electronically, enter your company name, address, email, phone number, a couple of references, and payment and billing preferences. Alternatively, print a copy of the Fax Registration Form, and fax it to R Courier at 416.633.7764. For more information, special requests, or to learn more, please call our Account Manager at 416.633.8183.

Use the ETA Board

At R Courier – we use the latest tracking technology to power our ETA board and make life easier and safer for you. Once you log into the ETA board, you’ll notice a wealth of data on your dashboard.

You’ll see your courier’s contact information, such as name and number. Use this data to contact your courier in an emergency. You’ll also see their GPS location so you can pinpoint their exact location and feel secure about your package. If you have multiple items on the way, you may see contact details for more than one courier.

Whether you must receive packages from one courier or many, rest assured that your safety is a priority. Not only are our couriers polite, courteous, and committed to their work, but they follow all COVID-19 safety protocols and use the latest safety gear. Their training keeps everyone and their families safe, and allows R Courier to serve its customers unhindered.

Our couriers are also TDG license-holders and can safely transport dangerous parcels that may contain infectious elements such as COVID-19 test samples. Likewise, they can transport radioactive materials, such as the ones used to treat cancer, heart disease, and bone disorders.

We realize that as a professional in the medical industry, you’re incredibly busy. On the ETA Board, you’ll also see estimated arrival times to help you improve your task management ability. For example, you can plan a vital procedure related to a package on the day of arrival. While you wait, you can complete other duties. You’ll also see your invoices so that you can verify all the pertinent details at your convenience.

Our goal is to deliver your package as quickly as possible. However, in the unlikely event that we must revise a pickup or delivery time, we want you to stay informed – our ETA board updates every few minutes in order to help you adapt to an evolving schedule.

So, place your order online today with R Courier to take advantage of our ETA board and excellent services. We’re available at all hours of the day to meet your needs.