Getting the best delivery service for your health care shipments requires the right vehicle for the job. No matter what kind of items you require for your medical delivery needs, we have the capability of finding the right vehicle for you.

You can take a look at the vehicles we operate and the various shipping services we offer when planning your order. If you would like help from an expert to determine what kind of vehicle will work best for your needs, you can always contact us at R Courier for additional help.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

When you work with R Courier, you’ll gain access to many vehicle options to ensure that your delivery is transported in a way that accommodates it as securely as possible. Some of the choices in a vehicle that you may be interested in choosing from include:

  • Small Car
  • Tractor-Trailer
  • Straight Truck

The vehicle that you decide on will depend on the size and weight of the shipment that you need to be delivered.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Our team follows the Canadian laws for transporting dangerous goods to the letter. If you plan to ship dangerous goods with our team at R Courier, we have drivers that are trained to accommodate your needs while ensuring a high level of security for your sensitive goods.

These are details that you will want to discuss with us in the early stages of arranging your shipment to ensure that the required drivers are available and no delays can occur regarding your shipment. Likewise, if you require a temperature-sensitive shipment, you should let us know about your needs as soon as possible.

Various Service Options

If you are concerned about the speed of your delivery, then you’ll want to consult with the various local delivery services that we offer. Some medical deliveries require the fastest delivery possible, while others rely more heavily on safe transportation. With R Courier, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds since we offer delivery options at the speed you request and always guarantee safe shipments.

Technologically Enhanced Vehicles

Not only do our vehicles come in a variety of sizes and service options, they also contain technology to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and to help you keep track of your delivery. Each of our vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking to ensure precise information concerning your delivery at all times. You can use your custom ETA Board to track the details of your shipment online at your leisure.

Our Service Vehicle

Along with our regular shipment vehicles, we employ a service vehicle that is always ready as part of our fleet. Rather than rely on outsourcing any potential road maintenance that our vehicles might encounter, our dedicated vehicle is ready at all times. This provides one extra line of defence against late deliveries.

Please contact us today to begin arranging the details of your shipment needs. Once your order is organized, you can leave the rest of the details to our medical delivery experts at R Courier.