Reuptakes of medical supplies can be the saving grace for those patients in vulnerable, unstable conditions – in this regard, it’s undeniable that a medical courier delivery could potentially save many lives in any given hospital setting. For instance, an emergency organ transplant could necessitate that a live biological specimen be hand-delivered posthaste to an operating room, at which a specific surgeon can be found toiling away; a time-sensitive delivery of this nature must happen, no matter how far the distances involved may be. Indeed, not only are medical supplies necessary for the integrity of a functioning hospital or medical practice – they are, in a sense, the lifeblood of any reasonable institution. Doctors and nurses need to be as fast as possible on their feet (while nevertheless remaining focused and efficient), and this can only be actualized if they have the requisite medical tools at their disposal.

Standard Postage Offers You Precisely What You Pay For

And, while standard postage may be more affordable, it is always the case that its delivery technicians are simply unable to meet the rush demands for which courier companies – such as R Courier – are notorious. Indeed, the exigencies of medical transportation are far too delicate to be handled by the flustered and, no doubt, preoccupied employees of any given federal mail service, who are always already swamped by an innumerable amount of deliveries.

While R Courier is, no doubt, poised to meet your every need when it comes to commonplace parcel delivery services and other everyday items that are on a looser delivery schedule, it’s important to keep in mind that, as a company we provide essential services of a high calibre that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

R Courier Means Trustworthy And Trained Drivers

More specifically, by high-calibre, we mean that your time matters to us. While many other parcel delivery companies are well-equipped to handle rush deliveries – i.e. ones that have the luxury of being completed within a day or so – R Courier prides itself on its ability to successfully carryout nonstop deliveries, some of which must occur within one to two hours, or less. Moreover, each and every one of our drivers and administrative technicians are certified and trained to abide by Canada’s regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG). As a result of acquiring this necessary knowledge of governmental protocol, we are able to offer numerous options for undertaking cautious and secure deliveries of biohazardous materials. Given the amount of training they are required to complete, our delivery personnel are legally able to attend to cargo that includes, but is not limited to: biological specimen, pharmaceutical drugs and other products, blood, and a variety of hazardous objects.

Our Drivers Are Fearless When It Comes To Hazardous Materials

Indeed, insofar as our couriers are TDG-certified, they are equipped with the know-how and properly-maintained equipment needed to transport something as temperamental as HAZMAT Class 7 radioactive goods. And, moreover, given their experience, these deliveries can be undertaken without hesitation, leaving little room for error or delays.

Experienced Reliability And ETA Board Technology

Over the quarter-century we’ve been practicing and honing our skills, R Courier has had the privilege of collaborating with laboratories, individual doctors, whole hospitals, and even international organizations to deliver the best possible courier ethic. No doubt, drivers for each client, respectively, go above and beyond to satisfy the distinct needs of each courier job.

 Whether you’re seeking local delivery services or you’re looking to ensure that a vital medical item is couriered between distant nations or cities, R Courier will, no matter the details of your delivery, be able to successfully carry it out in a timely manner – with our ETA Board Login, you can even be certain of this promptness as it is carried out in real-time! With this technology, you’re able to stay updated from your phone, tablet, or laptop, simply by visiting our website and logging in. With all of these facts in mind, you’ve plenty of reasons to call us to place your order – before you know it, you’ll be sitting comfortably with the knowledge that your delivery has been completed and an ailing life has, perhaps, been given another chance to carry on.

Suffice it to say, it’s best not to delay this process by appealing to post offices, no matter how large or small your medical courier needs may be – so contact R Courier today to guarantee the safety and security of vulnerable lives who depend on the preparedness of your medical services.