When there’s slush on the roads and too much snow in the air for traffic to be moving at more than a turtle’s pace, it can be a logistical nightmare to get packages to customers in time. There may be accidents and emergency lane-closures to deal with, which require new routes to be drawn up while the clock is still ticking. It takes a special kind of medical courier company to live up to the challenge.

Luckily, R Courier has invested in technology designed for fast local delivery services regardless of traffic or bad weather. It’s our way of striding into the 21st century as an industry-leader in innovation. Let us show you what it’s all about.

GPS Tracking

All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest in parcel tracking technology, allowing us to respond in real-time to unexpected delays this holiday season. Our clients appreciate this level of access given the delicate and often hazardous goods they place in our care. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Radioactive samples
  • Diagnostic imaging such as ultrasounds
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab work

Physicians and technicians who deal in large amounts of goods and manage many employees must coordinate a complex workflow throughout the day. They benefit from GPS technology because it allows them to reallocate their time on a moment’s notice. If the unpredictable happens and there is a short delay, you’ll be the first to know through our ETA Board. That way, we cut down on idle waiting and you can use that time productively.

ETA Board

Our ETA board gives you what you need to make the best decision for your business. You can use it to check everything from pick-up and delivery times, to your driver’s exact location, to the number of packages in each shipment.

Having your data aggregated in one place makes it easier for you to take a 10,000-foot view, identify opportunities for efficiency, and put them into action. For example, suppose you’re used to scheduling the same number of receivers every week. By logging in to your ETA Board account and studying your delivery history, you can isolate your busiest days and modify your staff accordingly. That way, there’s more money in your pocket and more hours in the day to further your important medical work.

An All-Seasons Fleet

Though they are rarely discussed in these terms, motor vehicles are one of the world’s most successful technologies. When it comes to speed, strength, and resistance, they surpass human capabilities and help us achieve more than we ever could on two feet.

This is why R Courier performs regular maintenance on its delivery fleet and carefully inspects every vehicle before it hits the road. We also train our drivers to handle treacherous conditions, dangerous goods, and medical equipment of great complexity. What may seem like a chore to some is good business practice for us. The logic is simple: a little preparation leads to fewer repairs, faster delivery times, and a better overall quality of service.

We also send our very own service vehicle out every day in case a truck does breakdown. It roams the city strategically, optimally located to reach any of our drivers in the shortest possible time. Befitting R Courier’s standard for excellence, you can be absolutely sure that we hire only the finest mechanics who share our mission of safe and speedy service. If our mission sounds like it’s for you, call us to learn more today. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

This winter, let us brave the cold for you and get your package to its destination with the reliability you have come to trust. As a fully digitized company, we track everything we do to minimize errors and offer you the transparency you deserve. Don’t settle for a fly-by-night-operation without a reputation that speaks for itself. Choose R Courier, a medical delivery service that works with your wishes in mind and has the expertise to make them come true.