At R Courier, we treat every delivery with the utmost care and quality assurance. We also place enormous value on the satisfaction of our customers. This means more than ensuring that our delivery services were provided at the level our customers expect; it also means a positive experience in every stage of the process.

The Ongoing Value of Customer Satisfaction

In an age when people communicate primarily by instant messaging and email, the need to communicate over the phone or in-person can seem like a hassle or even induce anxiety in some people. Psychologists theorize that one of the causes of this increased anxiety may stem from increased pressure on people to constantly curate the way others view you, influenced by the proliferation of social media.

Whatever the reason people today are less comfortable with direct interactions, companies that do everything they can to make those interactions more pleasant and relaxed can provide customers with an easier time accessing that service.

Offering Online Services

While some aspects of parcel delivery will inevitably require personal interactions, you may discover that most of the time you need to contact R Courier will consist of privately accessing our website. One of the advantages of offering customers an abundance of digital online services is that it helps accommodate those who prefer not to interact on the phone.

When you ship with R Courier, you’ll be able to register on our website to access a wide variety of services that pertain to your packages. For example, our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking that allows you to learn accurate information about the status of your shipment on our website.

Along with GPS tracking, customers that register on our website gain the ability to engage with other valuable tools, such as our

  • ETA board
  • CSR Page
  • Invoices and Billings
  • Bar Coding
  • Mobile Signature Capture

This advanced tracking system and additional customer service tools work together to provide you with all of the information about your shipment that you could ever need so you don’t have to worry about making endless phone calls to learn about the status of your orders.

Medical Courier Services

When those that work in healthcare require medical courier services, they need to know that they are working with a team they can trust with items of vital importance. In situations where pressure is significant due to the nature of health care being provided, it helps to interact with a friendly professional that embodies a reassuring demeanour.

Highly Trained Personnel

Not only do our drivers undergo extensive training to ensure that they can handle shipments with the best of care, but they are also trained in professional customer service skills. This extensive training is a part of our commitment to safety that allows our customers to know they are working with leaders in the industry who are adept at providing satisfying service.

When a company can keep its customers satisfied, it demonstrates a commitment to excellence in that industry. After all, no customer’s experience with a courier is complete without a prompt and successful delivery of your shipment.

If you’re looking for courier services that include a commitment to customer satisfaction, try out R Courier for your next delivery. You may be surprised at the service you get.