Hospitals, clinics, labs, and healthcare agencies across Canada often need to transport medical-related items across the country and thus will try to find a reliable method of transportation that will account for the sensitivity of the packages being sent. R Courier is the GTA’s favourite medical package shipping company and we are constantly relied upon to make important deliveries both locally and nationally. We take our job very seriously and are fully trained and equipped to handle any request.

We own our own fleet of service vehicles that come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the job. For large shipments, we have trucks that can securely transport skids and crates, including tractor-trailers. For smaller shipments we offer anywhere from regular-sized vehicles to vans. In each case, we have the equipment to safely store and ship a number of items, including ones that require cold storage.

Cross Country Real-Time Tracking

For sensitive medical-related shipments that are making their way across Canada, it’s important that we offer our clients the opportunity to track their orders. You can track your medical parcel in real time via our website – all you need to do is enter your order number. Customers can also login to their ETA Board account and see advanced details about their order as well as live route updates. They can even check past orders, account details, and invoice and payment details.

All of our vehicles have built-in GPS tracking that we use to offer peace of mind to our clients, and also to make dispatching easier. GPS navigation allows our drivers to take the best route possible that will get them to where they need to be as soon as they can. Through a single hub, we are able to coordinate multiple vehicles across Canada and make sure that our operation is running smoothly and effectively.

Professionally Trained and Certified

Our whole business practice revolves around providing exceptional customer service – not only via our operations but also in every way we interact with our clients. Every driver who works for us is professional and experienced and has been provided with training on safe driving practices, how to interact with our clients, and how to handle medical-related items.

They also receive Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training under the Canadian requirements and are fully knowledgeable about a variety of medial items including radioactive specimens. You can count on our organization to safely handle any kind of package or shipment that you need to be transported, even over long distances.

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If you’re interested in knowing more about our company then be sure to read this to discover more about why we are the best in the industry. Our core values of providing reliable and timely door-to-door delivery services are why we have such a strong client-base and a history of quality performance. Since 1991 when we started our business, we’ve been striving to constantly improve and we have done so by investing in technology that helps us provide better services.

With GPS tracking, barcoding, mobile signature capture devices, and more, we have equipped ourselves with the means to create an exceptional service package that will work with any of our customer’s needs. But it doesn’t stop there – we will continue to research ways to make our courier company better for our loyal customers and the important work that they need to do.