The holidays – from Christmas and Hanukkah, all the way to Family Day – gives us respective opportunities to stop to consider and appreciate the intricate and loving dynamics of being a member of family.

However, for many, these are difficult days, insofar as their closest relatives are also the ones who live the furthest away. While we may primarily be known as the leader in medical courier services in Toronto and its surrounding areas, R Courier nevertheless knows a thing or two about family matters. Here, then, are a few things to consider when you’re looking to celebrate these far-off loved ones.

  1. Take Advantage Of Information Technology And Social Media

This is, perhaps, the most obvious suggestion of the list, which is why it’s being included first. Keeping tabs on the lives of those you love is sometimes as simple as visiting their Facebook or Twitter profiles, respectively. Of course, there is something inherently counterproductive about the glitch-ridden, WiFi-dependent nature of a program like Skype, which more often than not can only produce a highly pixelated simulacrum of yourself and others.

  1. Call Them On The Phone

While this may not be the most cost-efficient option (as Skype and social media only incur the costs of an internet service provider (ISP), a calling card could help a great deal with the fees associated with phone calls. In any case, hearing the voice of a loved one for long periods of time is an incredibly invigorating experience that doesn’t share in the distracted nature of using Skype or social media.

  1. Handwritten Letters

While they are not as in vogue as they once were, if you’ve ever composed a page-long letter, you know precisely how much care and time necessarily go into making your words not only legible, but compassionate and personalized. Indeed, it’s difficult to express oneself in written language, and to attempt to do so shows that you care. The handwritten letter far exceeds the sentimentality of a simple email, which could easily include copied and pasted materials. Clicking send to distribute a message instantaneously is, moreover, not as exciting as awaiting the arrival of a mailperson to deliver a long-sought message. It makes familial correspondences all the more special.

  1. Send Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

If you’re looking to truly ring in the new year in a positive light, celebrating a holiday with those near and far is essential. This is to say, letters and phone calls are perhaps not enough; if possible, it’s always nice to demonstrate one’s love and appreciation of family by offering material items. While you could have an Amazon delivery service bring the gifts to your loved ones, the alternative is perhaps better and comelier: a specialized courier service will hand-deliver. In any case, contact us today for a consultation about what your needs might be, as far as sending out letters or gifts may go!

If you have time constraints in mind, R Courier will surely be able to accommodate you – our drivers are well-versed in urgent situations, guaranteed; once you’ve decided on how to approach these family matters, visit our website to found out about our professional courier services in Toronto – indeed, we await your orders.