When it comes to customer service there are three different levels that you can achieve: poor, standard, or exceptional. Customers will rarely leave a review if they are left with a standard experience, but will more likely leave one for either a really good or a very bad experience.

R Courier is a medical courier that is constantly leaving our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. We know the importance of providing customer service that goes beyond standard expectations and have earned ourselves a positive reputation across Canada.

Keep reading to learn about us and about how we cover all of the key qualities of a great medical courier.

Exceptional Customer Service

It goes without saying that to ensure an exceptional customer experience you need to provide exceptional customer service. This means being polite, considerate, reliable, and having a certain level of integrity.

Our drivers are trained to be both knowledgeable as well as customer-conscious. We provide responsible medical parcel delivery that considers the importance of safe-handling as well as timely delivery.

Because we offer all types of delivery services for a number of different companies, we need to make sure that we are leaving a great impression in order to promote business for both parties. If a courier is knowledgeable, well-presented, as well as courteous, it will encourage the customer to use the services of the original client who hired us more.

Advanced Equipment and Knowledgeable Staff

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Working with people who have the knowledge and the equipment to get the job done can go a long way towards exceptional customer service. By effectively using technology to create efficient workflows and connect employees, we can enhance the overall performance of our company as well as the bottom line experience for our customers.

Transparent Communication

Transparency in a company is becoming increasingly important as it builds trust not only with customers but with employees as well. R Courier is committed to being transparent with our customers and employees by encouraging open communication that promotes our company values.

By being able to track your order via the ETA Monitor Board we are ensuring that we are completely transparent with the status of your order, payments, as well as how your information is stored. With such clarity, you can rest assured that you are kept up-to-date with the status of your order and won’t be left to wonder what happened to your package.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

Appearances can go a long way, especially when it comes to impressing a customer. R Courier believes in keeping up a professional appearance when our employees are at work representing us and the company that hired us.

When people see us they will know right away that we are a professional courier service that can be trusted to take the job seriously and deliver impressive results. When employees are dishevelled, dirty, or lack a professional demeanour, then they run the risk of leaving a sour impression on both customers and potential customers.

The Best Recommendation

When customers are more than satisfied with their experience they will be happy to recommend a service to others. Like any business, R Courier relies on and values the time that customers put into giving us a great online or in-person review.