Since we first entered the business of medical parcel delivery, it has been R Courier’s goal to not only get our customers their goods on time, but to do so in such a way that they can walk away completely satisfied. If there is an extra step we can take to improve your experience, we’re eager to take it and continue outdoing ourselves over and over again.

This is why, when you call Toronto’s most reliable medical courier today, you’ll experience nothing but kind and detail-oriented service informed by a complete understanding of your needs. With the help of technology and a continual focus on communication, we’ve become more efficient at our job, and better equipped to earn the trust of physicians, health agencies, and major laboratories who place delicate and often dangerous goods in our care every day. Read on to learn how.

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

With the addition of GPS technology to our vehicle fleet, you are now able to enjoy real-time medical parcel tracking and feel like you’re right there in the driver’s seat. You can access details about your pick-ups, deliveries, your drivers, and their routes through our ETA Board, a clear and simple interface designed to keep you in the loop about everything we do for you and to show you we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

We’re the first Canadian medical courier to provide you with such an intimate window into how we operate and it is certainly a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

In our business, we aren’t limited to transporting envelopes, since we serve customers across the medical profession engaged in all kinds of research and caregiving to improve our health. Whether it’s expensive machinery, fragile samples, or radioactive materials, we want you to know that we’ve got your back.

Conversations With Real People

When you take time out of your day to give us a call, you’ll never have to answer to pre-recorded robot voices and wonder if your request will actually reach someone who can help you.

At R Courier, it means a lot to us to maintain a high level of thoroughness, care, and attention with our customers, and there’s no better way to guarantee that than to emphasize person-to-person interaction.

It’s only by having a team of friendly and enthusiastic customer service representatives—available 24/7—that we can get a clear sense of the details of your delivery before hitting the road. Given that we transport delicate and time-sensitive parcels, especially those tied to patients’ health, it’s the least we can do to help you feel secure about our high level of professionalism.

Our drivers are also incredibly kind and courteous, as well as thoroughly trained—each of them holds TDG and GHS licenses. They’ll be able to deliver your parcel no matter the road conditions and complete our door-to-door service with unparalleled friendliness.

It’s All in the Details

We don’t hesitate any time we can change how we operate in the interest of improving our service. Whether big or small, we believe these changes add up to a sum greater than their parts and let our customers know that they’re our top priority. Here are a handful of examples of what we mean:

  • We instituted Mobile Signature Capture on all of our deliveries to not only increase the security of our documentation, but to save you time by signing with a quick flourish of your index finger.


  • As a fully digitized company, it is our pleasure to offer you customizable invoices, whether bi-weekly or monthly, in the file format of your choosing. We also accept cheques, wires, direct deposits, and online payments for your convenience.


  • As our company grew, we slowly built up our vehicle fleet from small cars for single envelopes to trucks that can handle up to a fifty-three-foot trailer load. We’re also constantly updating our drivers’ training, which includes a TDG license, so they’re more than capable of executing high-pressure deliveries of medical goods.

The best part about working at R Courier is the chance we have to make a difference in the medical community. By staying on deadline, and ending deliveries with a smile every time, we aim to make our customers feel more connected regardless of the distance between them. Contact us today to see how we can play a part in your future success.