When vital medical items – be it standardized equipment for a practice, or materials for blood banking – are needed to ensure the continuity of a smooth operations at a hospital or otherwise, it’s important to hire a company that not only understands the importance of having these parcels arrive in a timely fashion, but one that will, under any and all circumstances, be able to act upon the urgency needed for a delivery of this nature. Here are a few things a trustworthy medical courier will offer its many clients.

Pick Up At Any Location

No matter where the parcel may be initially located, we will take it upon ourselves to dispatch our drivers at R Courier right away; for instance, for a national or international delivery, we could easily begin with pick up at any hospital in Canada, and from there, moving to delivery to the nearest Air Canada Cargo (ACC) or other international cargo centre. Finally, we undertake reception of the shipment from the ACC and directly drive to its final destination. Working within an hour to 48-hour timeframe, this vast sequence is triggered by one quick phone call or online delivery order sheet by the client. Although we are primarily based in Toronto, no matter where you live, our service is going to be quick and efficient for both national and international deliveries.

Guarantee Deliveries Can Be Done, No Matter The Size

Size should not be inhibitive of parcel or cargo deliveries, after all, they are your items and you are a paying client; it’s unjust to have a delivery turned down simply because a company views itself as incapable in some regard. Luckily, at R Courier, we’ve trucks of all shapes and sizes and a great deal of strong, organized drivers who can easily fit your items into their delivery schedule. With a fleet of medical transport vehicles at our disposal, we are ready for just about anything.

Proper Transport Casing And Sanitation

We have an array of sanitation tools, including absorption and handling supplies, such as antimicrobial wipes and latex gloves, which are neatly organized in our truck-side spill kits.  Moreover, modern hospital couriers and pharmaceutical couriers, including ourselves, have a number of options as far as the containers used to carry delicate, time-sensitive materials; this includes the employment of stable and secure climate-controlled transporters in tandem with durable external casing – you can never take too many precautions for your shipments to ensure that it arrives at its destination in tact; we accept no less than these vital specifications.

Demonstrate Dedication

While many companies say they are entirely dedicated to their clients, they don’t always follow through. Rather than discussing it at length, we prefer to show just how effective we are and will be when it comes to getting your package delivered on time and exceed your expectations. Whether it is through our advanced package and shipment technology or navigationally-inclined drivers (whose sense of direction is uncanny), you will not be disappointed. Moreover, we like to work closely and develop long-term relationships with clients, such as schools, hospitals, and offices – but also individuals. In any case, and no matter your preferences, the services we offer are vast, so take some time to peruse our website and see what may fit with your needs and busy schedule. Luckily, our online booking system makes it quite easy to contact us when you see fit.