Since R Courier first opened it doors, our main goal has been to uplift our community by earning their loyalty as their medical courier service of choice. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned after almost three decades in the business, it’s that listening to our customers’ needs is the surest way to long-term success.

As a devoted medical courier, we equate excellence with meeting these needs and are continually improving our offerings to satisfy them. When it comes to making you feel taken care of and confident in our services, we truly know no bounds. Here are three steps we’ve taken to serve you better:

E-Commerce Enabled for Your Convenience

As a business in the 21st century, we are fully digitized to better fit into our customers’ busy lives. For one, our online ordering system makes what used to be a tedious process—involving multiple phone calls and filling out bills of lading—into a quick and efficient one where you simply enter your order details and hit the OK button. One of our staff members will be ready and waiting to receive your information and assign your parcel to one of our cordial and highly skilled drivers, who will see to it that it gets where it needs to go. We can even create a custom code for your addresses so you never have to enter them more than once!

In addition, our ETA Board allows you to keep track of your order history, pickup and delivery times, and any delays or changes on a password-protected page from the comfort of your favourite device.

Canada has never seen a platform like it in the medical courier business, and we at R Courier couldn’t be prouder to lead the way with our technological advances.

We even go a step further and send your invoices in the format of your choice, because we believe our customers should be able to tailor their experiences to their preferences. Schedule a medical courier delivery today and you can expect nothing less than this level of considerate and detail-oriented service from the first kilometre to the last. And now that we offer Mobile Signature Capture, you never have to fiddle for a pen before opening your parcel!

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Your Peace of Mind

Given the delicate and time-sensitive nature of the medical substances, equipment, and test results placed in our care, we provide our customers with fast trackable medical delivery so they never lose sight of their parcels. You’re able to see exactly where your driver is at any given time, the route they chose to take, and the number of stops remaining before they get to you. In this way, you can coordinate with your schedule in real-time and meet our driver to complete our popular door-to-door service—included with every order!

Another advantage of tracking technology is that it helps us locate nearby vehicles in our fleet in case one of them breaks down or needs some form of assistance. We’ll then quickly dispatch our trusty service vehicle to conduct repairs or another truck to carry your delivery the rest of the way without missing a beat.

Impeccable Customer Service for Your Satisfaction

At R Courier, we know that every customer is unique, which is why we want to understand how to serve you best so we can exceed all of your expectations. Our drivers and telephone operators are the kindest around and they’re trained to study every detail of your delivery before a truck hits the road.

They can also answer any of your questions and help you customize our services to meet your specific needs.  Whether you have deadlines after normal business hours, or special requirements that come with transporting hazardous goods, we are fully licensed and well-equipped to see the job through.

We want to play a meaningful role in the success of your business through reliable deliveries that leave you feeling satisfied each and every time. Call or email whenever is convenient—we’re available 24/7! —and we’ll be happy to serve you with the high quality our customers have come to expect from us.