The holidays are a trying and difficult time for many individuals. While they seem like they ought to be full of joy, via the gathering of family and friends, festivities of this kind are easily the source of so much stress. This is particularly true of doctors who have to deal with the fallout of these stresses.

Evidently, people are more accident-prone during busy, cold seasons. With holiday party preparations taking a toll, as well as the fogginess of a sleepless mind, trying to recover from the whims of Daylight Savings, accidents are bound to happen. It’s no secret that this is potentially the most dangerous time of year for drivers.

If you’ve got precious cargo that is need of transport, you’ll need to take precautions. Here are a few reasons why tracking your parcel deliveries is an essential facet of all couriering companies – this is also why the medical courier services from R Courier are of a particularly high calibre.


  1. GPS Means You’ll Know Where Everything Is At All Times

The services from R Courier are some of the most competitive in the parcel delivery industry. We have an outstanding track record because of our dedication, as well as the technology used to back it up. Our modern GPS tracking system allows you to know the exact whereabouts of your delivery, with updates happening in real-time.

In other words, a courier service can enable you to transport the items needed to keep a medical centre afloat in even the most hectic of conditions. Because R Courier is aware of the absolute urgency of its role, our professionals will not so much as flinch at having lost an hour of the day – drivers are, indeed, constantly keeping track of time in order to improve the efficacy of each and every delivery route, using the no less.


  1. You Know Your Cargo Is Safe

While the idea that we need to “Spring forward, fall back” once the seasons change seems like a bright idea, there are many repercussions to this practice. Indeed, Autumn signifies the end of Daylight Saving time – in other words, we gain an hour of sleep.

With this additional shut-eye time comes a number of consequences; shifts in our circadian rhythms under the guise of “Saving” reduces people’s cognitive abilities, throwing bodies out of off-guard, making room for a lot of slip-ups – especially on the road.

Luckily, the courier tracking technology employed by R Courier isn’t just about location – it’s about knowing that everything is going according to plan. And plans necessarily include safety and well-being.

Distraction, coupled with speed, makes for a very scary kind of road.

That’s why professional drivers are your best bet when it comes to road transportation. Not only are R Courier drivers great navigators when it comes to route changes, coupled with our technology, these employees can ensure the safe-keeping of your deliveries.

Indeed, we offer medical courier services that cater to specific needs, and we have the cargo-tracking technology to back it up – contact us today for a free estimate about your next medical delivery!