Couriering medical items is, no doubt, an important job that is unique in its urgency. One might say that the time-sensitive and vital nature of the items in transport is what separates medical couriers from more generalized delivery workers. Indeed, these items are often delivered between hospitals or are exchanged doctor-to-doctor. Additionally, medical couriers are frequently tasked with a variety of orders, all of which are urgent in their own respective way and the breadth of objects is quite varied, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical Records
  • Images and scan documentations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Live organs
  • Test results
  • Medical equipment (from basic furnishings, all the way to MRI machines)

No doubt, this list is not at all exhaustive, but whatever you may need delivered, you can rest assured that R Courier parcel delivery and medical courier services can be wholly accommodating and prompt. Indeed, here are a few protocols by which our drivers must be abide if they’re to be hauling your load on the open road.

Medical Couriering Begins With Understanding The Role

Despite the high-stress scenarios that you may have to engage in, as a medical courier, it’s important to absolutely maintain a sense of cool and collectedness, and behave politely despite the urgency of certain life-or-death deliveries. The job of a medical courier, for the most part, involves travelling to and fro lab and other testing facilities, to supplement the dearth of supplies that a lab’s storage facilities are able to contain. The courier may or may not be on a fixed schedule with the medical facility in question; indeed, the option of regularity and creating rapport with a driver is always available. Additionally, the average medical courier is equipped with at least a basic knowledge of their cargo. This is to say that they possess an understanding of medical terminology.

Couriers Must Know The Roads

Regardless of the ease of GPS systems guiding the everyday driver, specialized drivers must, to a certain extent, internalize the intricacies of roadways and their unique traits, which is regionally-specific and sometimes supersedes what computerized mapping programs are able to offer. For example, if a spontaneous shortcut can be taken to get out of a traffic-related bind, then this measure must be taken – but such a feat is less a product of the efficiency of automated route-tracking, than it is one of human intuition and knowledgeability.

Indeed, we use the latest tech to meet the time-sensitive aspect of our deliveries head-on, but even with these useful, handheld devices readily available, R Courier finds that a prompt delivery usually results from the astute minds of experienced drivers. No doubt, the most successful courier companies are the ones that prioritize know-how; our drivers are fully prepared to make the most of their education and awareness of different terrains.

Keeping It Clean Is Integral

Sterilization is an important aspect proper to medical couriering; unlike everyday delivery trucks, the nature of medical items calls for a rigid cleaning schedule that must absolutely be met, lest the truck itself compromise the contents of a delivery. Indeed, the intensive of the maintenance involved in R Courier’s vehicle and warehouse upkeep offers a great deal of organizational and inventory-related benefits.

There are many qualities unique to a laudable medical courier. You can contact R Courier easily and place an order online with us and you’ll quickly see what it means to have a well-trained and highly-skilled medical courier on your side.