If a business is to see any kind of success, its services and all the interfaces that make it possible must be easy to navigate and understand on the part of the consumer. At the same time, when it comes to an extremely demanding field like medical courier services and urgent parcel deliveries, this simplicity is, at the same time, underpinned by a number of complex tools and workers who diligently deploy their skills on a round-the-clock basis. In other words, for something as demanding as medical couriering, one’s business model must be simultaneously simple and complex, but finding this balance is often difficult in itself, especially without the right technology.



One of the most integral components that keep an operation as fast-paced as R Courier afloat is our distinctive use of GPS systems that are, in many senses, unprecedented. Some of our competitors have an extensive track record of developing their own technologies to make shipments go as planned. Nevertheless, the ETA Board our customers have access to possesses a number of features that easily outshine the forty odd years of the growth that large delivery corporations have seen. Not only are these tools extremely precise, but they are also easy to use.

Here, then, are a couple of reasons why we are dedicated to employing the best possible tracking system with which to maintain the integrity of each and every package delivery.

Consistency Is A Technology In Itself

It’s difficult to separate good service from the technology that allows this satisfaction to exist; the R Courier team prefers to look at the business itself as a well-oiled machine. When you separate the well-being of the service from that of its many parts, chaos can ensue. Because our ETA board is top-of-the-line (and remains even unmatched by the systems at play in companies like FedEx and UPS), our courier tracking technology is extremely precise and consistent.

Whereas standard GPS systems only allow access to minimal information about the whereabouts and condition of your package, logging in to our ETA Board portal on the R Courier website gives you all the details you need to feel confident about the safety of your cargo – from the courier equipment aboard the truck, all the way to exact estimated time of arrival, you’ll feel like you’re right there with the driver.

Our ETA Board Has You In Mind

While customer satisfaction may be one of our main priorities, that’s precisely because R Courier has chosen to redefine what “customer” and “satisfaction” can ultimately mean. By our terms, customer satisfaction is a necessary occurrence that cultivates consistent rapport with individuals and companies (or hospitals) alike. We mean business when it comes to forming alliances after a job well-done.

That’s why our technology offers a great deal of flexibility for either the sender or receiver of the package. If you need to make changes to your delivery’s itinerary for any reason, the option is available by way of the ETA Board – a few clicks will have you on track to a successful package delivery, no matter how many details you’ve reconfigured.

And, while we offer medical courier services and urgent deliveries of all sorts, don’t forget that these services extend into other kinds of package deliveries, too – whether you’ve got vital documents to transport or something urgent in a way that couldn’t be considered “life or death,” R Courier will certainly take pride in making your delivery in a timely fashion. In any case, contact us today for a free estimate – before you know it, one of our service technicians will have already made your day a lot easier.