With a new presidential administration afoot in the United States, it’s more pressing than ever for courier service companies to take hold of the situation and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations that will impact the timeliness of your international package delivery – or, in some cases, whether it will be delivered at all.

At R Courier – where our team of dedicated experts is constantly traveling to and fro borders of all kinds – we not only strive to keep up-to-date with the current political climate in order to ensure that imports and exports are able to smoothly pass between the U.S. and Canadian borders, but we take all the necessary precautions to demonstrate a sense of care, without compromising wait times for patrons with urgent parcels.

Indeed, the process of shipping to the U.S. necessitates that each and every parcel must be cleared and verified as suitable for border entry; this means that a customs invoice – with a distinct fee for tax and duties, which varies from parcel to parcel according to its dimensions– is needed for each and every shipment passing into Canadian borders.

Each item must be described in detail and accompanied by in-depth documentation to be given to customs. These forms must contain information about the weight, material, and purpose of the parcel; it is common knowledge that the process is much quicker when items are parsed in minute and specific terms and we, no doubt, ensure that this is the case for each and every long-range delivery brought our way. Moreover, the USA is a federal country, but at the same time each state has its own set of state particularized laws. Depending on the location of your parcel’s pickup point or destination, R Courier is aware of the differences set between federal and state laws – in short, we’ve got it covered so you don’t have to worry about any hiccups interrupting your package’s travel route.

In Canada, on the other hand, there is a similar but slightly different process for imports and exports on an international level, especially low value goods. Indeed, the Canadian Border Services Agency has, in recent years, implemented what they call the Courier Low Value Shipment Program  (CLVSP) in which the process is simplified at the border, so long as the goods involved are under $2500. We are careful to keep track of and present the necessary documentation and fees with which to retrieve or drop off your parcel. Indeed, for international shipments, couriers can be extremely beneficial, especially if you are relatively new to U.S.-Canada importing or exporting. Our rates are typically much cheaper than those of U.S. product carriers and all the customs paperwork is automatically generated for you, so you can be confident not only in your parcels, but in your purchase with us.

In any case, no matter the origin or dimensions of the shipment, our advanced delivery and tracking technology provides real-time updates about your parcel – so you’ll know right away if there is, in the unlikely case of a border issue, a delay on your shipment, as well as the specific coordinates and time at which this hold up occurred, Additionally, you’ll be able to see how quickly our well-trained employees are able to rectify the situation.

We guarantee the fastest possible national and international parcel delivery services. If you’re in desperate need of a rare medical shipment that is only attainable in the U.S., or you’re simply ready to make border-crossing simple for your shipments, feel free to give us a call – we’re on the line 24/7, awaiting your order!