It’s no exaggeration to state that medical courier companies are an incredibly valuable asset; at times, they are potentially life-saving operations. On the one hand, standard postage agencies typically emphasize the apparent accessibility of their services, but this egalitarian business model, as a result, can force federally-funded mail programs to spread themselves thin and become inefficient in the final analysis. On the other hand, private couriering services – which only take on so many clients and therefore cater to specific audiences – are invariably speed-oriented operations which are allotted the freedom to constantly evolve and hone their skills.


Indeed, the parcel and medical courier services offered by R Courier, to be sure, are able to bypass many of the contingencies that mail companies often encounter, by taking extra precautions and measures to guarantee the safety of each and every package. This is particularly true of R Courier, given its quarter century of experience as a medical couriering company, with a fleet of drivers in possession of a highly-specialized skillset which contributes to the upkeep of medical hubs and large hospitals alike.

Here, then, are some of the most fundamental ways by which a specialized courier service will differ from that of standard mail, where compromised packages are a daily – if not expected – occurrence.


Whereas traditional mail may have long and wholly unpredictable timelines that often keep its patrons in wait, couriers have a number of different services to choose from, depending on the urgency of the delivery. From same-day to non-stop package transportation, both the sender and the recipient can take pride in and feel confidence regarding the status of their items.

Package Integrity

Breached packages, or even lost parcels, are everyday occurrences for some postal services, while courier services are precise and function to ensure that your package gets where it needs to be. By keeping tabs on an item every step of its journey using courier delivery technology and some of the most advanced dispatching systems available in the world of couriering, R Courier is able to send vital informational updates directly to a customer’s laptop, desktop, or mobile device, in mere seconds, all the while keeping dispatchers and drivers privy to these notifications in real-time.

Certitude Through Hand-Delivery

Couriers only consider a package delivered if it is physically in the hands of the recipient, and the item has been signed for and declared. Without this kind of confirmation, most couriers will typically send the package back to a secure, and often specially-designed, temperature-controlled storage facility.

Specialized Deliveries

Unlike standard postal services, R Courier can safely handle various kinds of hazardous items – be they of a chemical or bio-hazardous nature – our experience with medical supplies and other sensitive goods, consequently, knows no bounds. In order to do this, an extensive amount of training must be undertaken and qualifications must be met. All of the drivers at R Courier, for example, must abide by Canada’s regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG). Once a courier is TDG-certified, they are officially equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to transport something as temperamental as radioactive goods.

This is all to say that the rigour and nuances involved in transporting medical goods is what sets couriers worlds apart from the standardized motions of everyday mail. Through extensive training, delivery personnel find themselves expediting a wide range of sensitive materials – from test specimens and blood work samples, all the way to the heavy machinery that constitutes an MRI machine.

Indeed, it is these differentiating factors that all couriers take on an exemplary and integral role in the world of health, wellness, and medicine at large. If you’re looking to experience the certitude of specialized couriering first-hand, place an order online with us today!