With International Cat Day on August 8th and International Dog Day on the 28th, this is the month we celebrate our furry friends and appreciate the companionship they offer us in our daily lives. With an approximate 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada, it’s no wonder that there are veterinary clinics and pet shops around every corner. For many people, their pets are like family, which is why they take them in for regular check-ups and also do their best to give them quality medical treatment when required.

Just like a medical clinic for humans, your local vet needs to send out samples and specimens, receive and send documentation, and order in medical supplies and equipment. All this needs to be done for the health and safety of your pet, and can often be a matter of life or death.

R Courier offers parcel courier services across Toronto to a number of facilities, including vet clinics and hospitals. We understand the importance of the items we pick up and deliver, and that these items are for the care of what many people consider to be a member of their family.

Best-in-Class Service

If you are the owner of a veterinary practice and are in need of courier services you should contact us for the best service you can get in the GTA. We believe in offering a great customer experience by taking the time to listen to the needs of our clients and offering flexible service packages to suit any kind of request.

We have a variety of delivery vehicles for a range of parcel sizes as small as an envelope and as large as something that could fit in a 53’ trailer. Our drivers are professionals who are fully trained and licensed to handle medical-related items and equipment. In their hands, you can rest assured that your packages will be safely delivered on time.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

You won’t see this anywhere else in Canada – by logging into our ETA Board clients can receive live updates on delivery ETAs for their deliveries. This is achieved with GPS tracking which all of our delivery vehicles are equipped with. Our drivers also carry mobile signature capture devices so that when someone signs for a delivery it is saved into our database and accessible for viewing on the client’s ETA Board. This added feature allows them the peace of mind knowing that their package was delivered to the right person.

Customers can also use the ETA Board to view invoices, past orders, and manage their account information. All this is made possible because of R Courier’s drive to constantly innovate and provide the best possible customer experience to our clients. Transparency is a key part of how we do business, and our clients appreciate the ease of which they have access to any information they may need.

A Reputation of Success

Since 1991, R Courier has been providing its customers with quality delivery services that our customers have come to count on. Our reputation is one that we are proud of, especially when we know that the work we do can make a difference to so many lives – even our furry friends.

Call us for more information if you’re interested in setting up a delivery service for your veterinary practice or hospital. You can count on us to deliver your items on time and with your patients in mind.