Medical professionals are tasked with the most important job of all: keeping us healthy so we can live our lives as we see fit. Not only that, they must stay on top of any new environmental or biological developments to ensure the safety of our children, and those of generations to come.

This is why R Courier is proud to serve a diverse number of organizations and individual practitioners in the medical field, including physicians, healthcare agencies, and major laboratories across the country. Each of them does a service to us all by getting to the bottom of why our bodies behave the way they do. Read on to learn about the remarkable members of our community.


Laboratories big and small are behind cutting-edge research to meet unmet medical needs in cancer, HIV, and cardiovascular disease to name just a few. These ailments are shadows on our society that, once lifted, will bring happiness and prosperity to millions of suffering families.

It can take many years to reach a breakthrough, but it all starts with an idea and a series of experiments to support it. It can be difficult to secure grant money or private funding, so labs must partner amongst themselves to access the tools they need. That’s where R Courier comes in to lend a helping hand. We offer state of the art medical courier services tailored to any request, regardless of complexity.


Physicians are part of society’s basic support system. At our most desperate hours, they provide us with relief and renewed confidence to seize the day. But to do their jobs properly, they must rely on networks of hospitals, other physicians, and diagnostic imaging centres to step in when their knowledge falls short.

It’s our duty to keep these networks connected with the speed and diligence we have come to be known for. When you need a reliable courier, don’t hesitate to use our online ordering system or give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call.

Diagnostic Imaging Centres

Diagnostic imaging refers to the use of sound or radiation to scan the inside of the body. One of the most common examples is an ultrasound, which can be an essential piece of information to a patient awaiting treatment. Without examining them first, a doctor won’t be able to initiate the proper procedure or administer the right medication.

We at R Courier understand the time-sensitive nature of deliveries like these, which is why we’ve taken measures to never let you down. These include a staff of drivers trained to respond to any outcome and real time tracking on your medical parcel delivery so you know exactly where your package is at all times. That way you can avoid stress knowing we’ve got things taken care of.

Healthcare Agencies

Healthcare agencies are made up of medical professionals across many different specializations. They provide services under the same brand name and tend to focus on the communities where they’re located. Largely funded by the government, they’re usually the only places people can go if private care is not an option.

It is an honour for us to serve these organizations and do our part to help them care for everyday people. No delivery is too small or cumbersome to make a difference in a patient’s day. Whether it’s a single form, a donated kidney, or a hi-tech hospital bed with hundreds of parts, we’ll get it to you on time as promised with the high level of courtesy our customers expect.

Our company philosophy has always revolved around positively impacting the communities that privilege us by letting us into their lives. It is truly a gift to be able to support the medical field by making sure its best and brightest have what they need to further their crucial work. If you have a delicate parcel to send and need a delivery service you can trust, look no further than R Courier. It’d be our pleasure to help.