Ensuring that you get a reliable delivery has a lot to do with knowing that you’re working with a company that employs skilled and experienced drivers. While our drivers are fully licenced and insured, it takes more than the usual credentials to know that you’re working with the best team possible. Here are a few things you should know about the drivers at R Courier.

Professional Training

All of our drivers are highly trained before they start delivering for R Courier. In Canada, the ability to transport goods classified as dangerous requires special training and some medical items, such as those used in nuclear medicine, require such certification.

If you’re looking for medical couriers in Toronto that can handle dangerous goods, we can also supply drivers that are certified to carry such items. Just contact with us in advance to ensure that the correct driver is available for your delivery.

Assisted by Technology

While our drivers have extensive training and years of experience, you don’t have to rely on their credentials alone. Our drivers are also supported by powerful technology to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely and on time.

For example, technology supports our drivers through the online tracking system. Customers who register with our online services gain access to the ETA board, a real-time digital tracking service connected to our GPS units to ensure accurate tracking.

Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system to allow you to follow along with the current status of your delivery at any time. This way, you can always know exactly where your goods are and when they will arrive.

Our drivers also all carry a phone to be reached quickly when such a need should arise. These advantages are particularly beneficial for a medical parcel delivery service, where knowledge of exact delivery times can be crucial.


If you’ve worked with R Courier in the past, seeing our company logo will likely provide you with a good deal of reassurance that your delivery will arrive when you need it. That said, our team utilizes sophisticated identification tools to ensure that our customers consistently give their packages to the right person. This includes photo I.D. and identification badges that you can check any time you interact with one of our drivers.

Courteous Customer Service

Along with training to handle dangerous goods and the support of the latest technology, our drivers are all trained to interact in a courteous and friendly manner with our customers. You won’t have to worry about awkward or unpleasant interactions with any of the employees at R Courier.

It takes several lines of defence to ensure that a professional courier company can stay at the top of the delivery industry. Perhaps the most important guarantee to our customers is the expert team of drivers that we employ. Contact us at R Courier if you are interested in learning more about the drivers on our team or booking an upcoming delivery.