When medical laboratories and research facilities require specimen or sample deliveries, they must work with specialized services like R Courier to ensure that these sensitive items arrive in perfect condition.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

One of the reasons medical courier services are necessary is that it is typical for biological specimens and test samples to be extremely dangerous. For example, medical samples can potentially contain infectious agents in the form of viruses, bacteria or fungi.

In cases where medical testing has been performed to identify or diagnose infectious disease, there is the possibility of pathogens present in the shipment that would be extremely harmful if released.

The Dangers of Transmission

In the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus was so new that little was known about how it spread. Since viruses are submicroscopic infectious agents capable of spreading and infecting new hosts in various ways, specimens and samples that are potentially infectious must be handled with the highest level of care.

Some of the ways that viruses can spread include:

  • Carried by other organisms (known as vectors)
  • Aerosol Transmission
  • Fecal-Oral Transmission
  • Sexual Contact
  • Exposure to Blood

When the transmission mode for any infectious disease is unknown, medical professionals must be extremely cautious in handling samples. In most cases, a combination of thorough professional training and the proper modern medical technology ensures that even the most dangerous test samples can be transported safely.

When Are Medical Specimens Delivered?

As explained above, one reason for medical specimen delivery is the transport of medical tests meant for diagnosis or samples intended for research. Some other common reasons that samples and specimens are transported include

  • Training New Medical Personnel
  • Organ and Tissue Transportation
  • Blood Banks
  • Transfer from Doctor to Hospital

While some of these items need to get to patients as quickly as possible so that their treatment may proceed, the urgency of items like training materials only depends on the need to preserve the item.

Driver Certification

Not only can medical specimens and samples pose a danger to those who are not trained in handling them correctly, but they often also require immediate delivery. Our team of drivers at R Courier undertakes intense training to become certified to handle dangerous medical specimens and samples so that you don’t have to worry about the item’s condition or any possibility of exposure.

Our drivers are also trained in customer relations to ensure you’ll get a friendly interaction, no matter the situation.

Delivery Services

R Courier offers five different delivery options that you can choose from depending on the urgency necessitated for the medical specimen or sample being sent. Frequently in the delivery of medical specimens and samples, health care professionals require Urgent delivery so that the package will arrive as quickly as possible. Alternatively, an item that does not require any urgency is well-suited to Regular delivery.

If you’re a health care professional that requires specimen and sample delivery, contact a company that you can trust with highly trained drivers and the proficiency to transport the most demanding medical items.